Lali Lite 2 - Impulse
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Lali Lite #2 - Impulse

Maria, a clever student and a friend of Lali, is at home, alone while the girls have gone out birthday shopping for Lali. Then some strange guy rings the doorbell. It turns out to be Lali's charismatic 'Uncle'. She invites him in for tea, thinking she can take him on... but soon discovers that she is oddly compelled by his smooth talk, and he sneakily enters into a passionate struggle with herself, and discovers the meaning of being impulsive... VERY impulsive... this is the beginning of a series of sexual intrigues between Maria and the others...

This comic explores the more intimate areas of flirting, unlike you'll see in other CG erotica comics. It is also the first comic to approach CG Erotica with a more cinematic and therefore more immersive approach. Several CG comics have been modeled after this comic, as you might discover.

This comic also guarantees a very believeble erotic experience, with accurately modeled genitalia, and believable sexual contact, both physically, mentally and cinematographically... as is typical for Erogenesis. You might forget you're looking at CG altogether.

This comic is also a pilot / trial for the future of Erogenesis' comics, which will involve much more diverse aspects of erotica, including monster sex, intense orgies and other crazy erotic situations.

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Format: PDF
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Author's note:

To make the experience even more sexy, I've added a musical track in the free download section. It is a track I made back in 2006, and it is associated with a true story on which this comic is based.




Lali Lite 2 - Impulse

SKU: 44284
By: Erogenesis

Maria, a friend of Lali's, a student of psychology and philosophy, discovers the meaning of being impulsive...


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