Davo's Cannibal Kitchen Expansion Pack 1


Note - "Some" of the blood spatter props in this package require the Cannibal Kitchen package (sold separately).  The chain hook, guillotine and hanging gallows set do not require any previous
- PC and Mac compatible
- Poser 5+ rigged and tested
- Not tested in DazStudio but should work with minor texture and location adjustments
- Some pre-parented items may not translate well into Daz Studio
- .Obj, .cr2, .pz2, pp2, .png, .jpg formatted files


- Chained Hook: This figure has a several segment chain with attached hook with size/shape morphs, a base hanger to hang the chain from and a null base sphere (non-rendering, shows as wire frame in poser) to move the chain and hanger base around together.  Pose files for M4 and V4 and matching chained hook poses are provided.
- Guillotine: This is a height adjustable guillotine with sliding blade, movable blade stop, moveable neck stocks, posable handle, posable blade holder/catch and adjustable head slide/chute.  Pose files are provided for M4, V4 and matching pose for the guillotine.  There are built in blood drip textures that can be turned off with mat pose files in the pose library.
- Guillotine Bucket: Simple low profile bucket to catch heads.  There is an adjustable fluid level in the bucket. 
- Hanging Gallow: This is an adjustable height frame with posable hook and rope base.  A pre-assembled version of the gallows that includes the steps and noose/rope is included.
- Hanging Steps: This is a simple set of steps, posable drop handle and posable plank/platform that bends down to drop the victim. A pre-assembled version of the gallows that includes the steps and noose/rope is included.
- Noose - Short Rope:  This is a posable rope with neck coils, neck rope and hanging rope segments.  Pose files for the noose are provided for M4 and V4 in various stages of use.
- Hanging Gallows Assembly: This is a pre-assembled gallows frame, steps and noose rope.  Use this figure for your scenes.  Pose files for M4, V4 and the rope is provided in a before, mid and after hang position.

There is an M4 and V4 smart props folder which contain:
Binder Cuffs - Arms:  This is a binder to hold your characters arms behind their back.  It is a smart prop and will parent to your characters Chest. There is a pose file in the pose library to pose the arms only, the rest of your character will not be affected.

Blood Spatter folder and subfolders:
This folders contain smart prop blood spatter for saw 1, saw 2, saw 3, grinder, buzz saw and table 1.  These smart props will snap into the correct location on your figures.  You can adjust the blood spatter right or left on the blades depending on what side of the blade your viewing angle is looking at.

Tight Throat Magnets:
Magnets are provided that restrict the size of the neck and allow the hanging gallows rope to appear to be squeezing the neck tightly.  Magnets for M4 and V4 are provided.

- Detailed readme file is included.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5
Other Notes
Daz Studio(may work with texture adjustments)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Davo's Cannibal Kitchen Expansion Pack 1

SKU: SKU30594
By: Davo

Expand your cannibal kitchen potential with the Cannibal Kitchen Expansion Pack 1.  Doclette and girl meat lovers will be able to take it to the next level wit



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