Terminus 5 "Hanging Pack 3" For Poser 8+
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Product: Terminus 5 Hanging Pack 3 for Poser 8+
Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama

Copyright (c) 2020 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for redistribution.
Industrial Strength executions for the modern age. The Terminus 5 Hanging Packs feature new styles of hanging devices for your favorite V4 and M4 characters!
System Requirements:

- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 3 figures
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
Figure Library Descriptions:

Base figures:

Controller Lever: This is stand alone Lever that can act as a control device that activates your hangers. There is a length morph on the lever and base/stand.

Controller Pulley: This is another devices that can act as a control device that activates your hangers. There is a length morph on the lever and base/stand. It can be attached to any of the hangers that have a post. There are length morphs on the base/arm and on the rod/handle.

Drain Pad: You can add this drain pad beneath your hanged victims in the event they might lose control of their bladders.


Hanger 5: Another Unique hanger that lifts your character off the ground rather than a drop hang.  It's has a morph length adjustable base/post and armature. The rope connecting "swing" can rotate. There is also a morph adjustable pull-rod assembly on the side that can be used to give the appearance of activating the hanging device.

Hanger 6: This is drop-hang platform that can accomodate 3 or more characters. It has a back wall that can be hidden if you want to place the platform up against another wall, steps that lead up to the platform, a control lever, a drop-platform and 3 repositionable swing/hanging arms to connect nooses to.

Hanger 6 Xtra: This is a stand along hanging armature that can be used with the Hanger 6 figure, Controller Wallmount or just placed up against any other wall.

Noose - Long Rope: This is an easypose noose with a modern black rubber look and feel. It is a thinner/smaller diameter rope and noose coil to give it a more sexy and sinister/cruel look and feel, sort of like using a wire instead of rope. This rope has easypose bending technology built into the segments so it can be easily bent and twisted to fit you characters neck or bodyparts. Please note, there are pose files provided for the rope to work with V4 and M4 so you don't have to do a lot of work. Maybe some fine adjustments if you have a heavily morphed character.

Wall 1: This is a simple stand alone wall figure that can be used as a wall to attach the Controllers and wallmounted figures. It has width and height morphs. This will work well with the Hanger 7 figure.
Assembled Hangers Library:

Generic Noose with Nullbase: This is a Noose-Long Rope figure that is parented to a non-rendering taurus. This is a useful assembly if you want to attach the noose rope to some other figure that is not provided in these Terminus 5 packages. For example, a tree, beam or other fixture of your own.  Pose files for V4 and M4 are provided in the pose library: Generic Noose Poses. 

Hanger 5: This is Hanger 5 with the Noose-Long Rope figure already parented to the Hanger figure.  Parent your V4/M4 character to the "swing" body part of the hanger before applying any poses. Pose files for V4 and M4 are provided in the pose libraries.
Hanger 6: This is Hanger 6 with the Noose-Long Rope figures already parented to the Hanger figure.  Pose files for V4 and M4 are provided in the pose libraries.

Hanger 6 xtra: This is Hanger 6 with the Noose-Long Rope figures already parented to the Hanger figure.  Pose files for V4 and M4 are provided in the pose libraries.


Props Libraries:

Cuffs Library:

Cuffs 1, 2, 3 and 4: These are "behind the back" style cuffs/restraints for V4 and M4.

Cuff 5 Basic Scifi front and back: This is a combination of the Basic Scifi hand cuffs and a connector bar. There is a front and back set. You must use the bar as well as the Hand LT and Hand RT cuffs provided.  The bar has some size/shape morphs to fine tune it.


Hanging Pack Library:

This library contains neck constricting props that must be used in conjuction with the "Pose 2" poses for V4 and M4 in the hangers pose libraries. You must also use the 115% neck scale pose in the same pose libraries to use in conjunction with the magnets.


Pose Libraries:

Cuffs Poses: These poses with work in conjuction with the smart prop Cuffs from the props library. There are "before and after" poses. "Before" poses should be used before your character is hanged or  executed, the "After" pose should be used after. The "after" pose relaxes the shoulders and hands a bit
and work best with the "Pose 2" from the hanging sets poses.

Generic Noose Poses: These poses are to be used with the Generic Noose with Nullbase assembly in the "Assembled Hangers" figure library.

Hangers 5-6 Poses:

Note 1: Poses will get your default character "close" to positioning, you may have to make some minor adjustments if your character is heavily morphed or scaled.

Note 2: The V4 and M4 poses will not affect your characters shoulder, arms and hands. This will allow you to use the cuff poses without having to re-apply cuff poses each time. The pose 2 pose will

Readme File: A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 8
Other Notes
(Daz Studio only version is sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4
Other Notes
(Genesis 8 figure support available in the DS version of this product)

Terminus 5 "Hanging Pack 3" For Poser 8+

SKU: 62161
By: Davo

More modern and unique hanging devices for your favorite characters to dangle from. More power for your Terminus 5 playground!


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