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Male, born on January 1st.
Location: In the Saddle.. Under my Rider
Occupation: Courier
Ponyplay, selfbondage, bdsm, philosophy, ethnography, WoW, firearms, blades, history, art&art history, scifi, superhero, militaria, power metal, modern orchestral (aka trailer) music, nitecore.
About Me:
A young artist who graduated with a degree in a dying field of art.. now a middle aged hobbyist trying to put some of that to use. Discovered ponyplay back in the late 90s from a ponygirl named dina and her master, MK. Discovered my love for guro by performing a fatality on Sonya Blade earlier in that decade. Would go on to discover Waita Uziga, Dolcett, and Kirisan later on.