The Castaways
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After their catamaran is lost at sea, sisters Nikki and Marcie find themselves on a deserted beach with nowhere to go but inland. After 36 hours they find hope when they come upon a perfectly preserved castle owned by Arianna and her brother Andre who seem to offer the use of their home until a supply boat arrives from the Mainland.
But the invitation and hospitality are a ruse and the twins are gassed in their quarters and awaken to find themselves secured in the dungeon and awaiting training to be sold in an upcoming auction.
A 134 page PDF comic for use with Adobe Acrobate reader.
The panels are converted from 1020 x 1320 PNG originals
with over 120 renders
This comic also contains 3 Bonus images.
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The Castaways

SKU: 58345
By: shadoman

A CG illustrated comic dealing with sexual situations, fantasy bondage topics and bound sex. Rated X For Mature Adults


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