Omar's Den Of Slaves
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Shadoman’s Omar's Den of Slaves  Copyright 2016

A CG illustrated comic dealing in Fantasy Bondage situations
130 Page PDF Graphic Comic created from PNG originals to be read with Acrobat Reader

For several years now Ernst Stieger has operated a string of sex brothels in several different countries. with his working girls getting a decent cut of his profits, But now they were demanding more. Ernst decides to head to North Africa and seek the the mysterious slave trader simply known as Omar. In the secluded desert just south of Algiers, lies Omar's secluded compound and the two men begin to discuss a large transaction where Stieger's working girls would be replaced with slaves.

Omar is only too kind to allow Herr Stieger to stay a few days and witness how the girls are trained and allowing him the use of one of his special slaves as a sexual companion during his visit. They form a friendship and strike a business arrangement for some 200 slaves over the next six months.

Ernst returns to France and discovers that during his absence, his mistress has been having sex with the bodyguard he hired to protect her. He slips out of the suite before they become aware of him and begins to form a wicked plan in his head to punish those who betrayed him.

Like many of my comics, there is a plot twist during the middle of the story that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

NOTE....Comic includes bonus art and there is a single panel within the comic that involves death without the need of excessive gore and blood

Rated X for Mature Adults

This comic is for mature audience only and no one under the age of 18 or what passes as legal age in your country should have access to or read this document.
The author is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this comic. This comic is copyrighted and cannot be posted in whole or in part without my express permission

Thank you all for supporting my art...
Having problems, contact me at

Please place Shadoman Comics in the subject line

Number of Pages: 130
Quality: High
Format: PDF
File Size: 32.7 Mgs
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility

Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice



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Omar's Den Of Slaves

SKU: 54105
By: shadoman

Shadoman’s Omar's Den of Slaves Copyright 2016 A CG illustrated comic dealing in Fantasy Bondage situations 130 Page PDF Graphic Comic created from PNG orginals to be read with Acrobat Reader


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