Lali Lite 3 - Disco Dragon - Part 1


Welcome back! I am 'Reloading' the Disco Dragon part 1 since part 2 is about to be released. Its been a while since I managed to make a comic but I am back on track again. If you already have the Disco Dragon part 1, then you don't need to download it again, but be sure to download and check the preview of the Disco Dragon part 2!

Stay tuned!


Original Description:

Finally its here, the story of the Disco Dragon!!! Hints of this story have been around since 2013, ever since Christina first appeared, and has been mentioned in two previous comics. First mentioned on October 2013, during an announcement for the 'Gentleman's Club', now finally we can start to see what happened there.

After Lali, Laila and Julie return from the crazy orgy of the 'Gentleman's Club' they prepare to go to the Disco Dragon, where three famous DJ's will be performing. On the way there Lali decides that Christina has to have sex that night, and she starts making plans to make this happen... but she quickly finds out that it will not be that easy... and this has sexy consequences for part 2 and 3 (and now also 4)!
I hope you enjoy this comic! Part 1 is freeeeeeee!!! I will do my best to complete part 2 and part 3 a.s.a.p!

Be sure to download everything there is to download about this comic!! (see below!).

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Bonus files:
  • Lali Lite 1 - Gentleman's Club (Preview) PDF
  • Lali Lite 2 - Impulse (Preview) PDF
  • 4 Deleted Scenes
  • The Disco Dragon - Storyboard example PDF and 14 images
  • Erogenesis2015 - Character Bios
  • The Disco Dragon - Games.mp3

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By: Erogenesis

As Lali and the girls go to the 'Disco Dragon', Lali decides that Christina needs to have sex that night. Here we see part 1 of her attempts to get the biggest nerd in Cambridge laid...! (and its free!!)


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