Interspecies melting
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An erotic meeting between an human and a furry.

Number of Pages 17
Image Quality: High
Image size : 2200 x 1500
Format: PDF for the comic
             ZIP for the loose picture

Installation: This set comes in a ZIP file.
Extract the file to your directory of choice.
The comic can be view with Adobe Reader or other PDF reader.
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This comic contains sexual situations.
Rated X for Mature Adults. This comic deals with mature situations.
It is not intended nor suitable for minors. The author is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this graphic novel.

Done with Poser 2014 and postwork with Gimp.
All Models Depicted Are 18+

Interspecies melting

SKU: 70818
By: Akhnor

An erotic and spicy meeting between an human and a furry


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