Sonsy 2024 Upper Torso Morphs for Genesis 8 Female
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Have you ever tried to use a large breast morph on Genesis 8 and suddenly realized it’s distorted her nipples? It’s a very common issue with the figure because her nipples are flat in base form.

In this new installment of SONSY morphs for G8, I’ve created 7 large breast morphs (and I mean LARGE!) and each one has a custom nipple shape.

But what if you want to mix those morphs up – won’t that create chaos with trying to make the nipples work? In this case – the answer is no – because I’ve also included seven MIX-MASTER control dials that adjust the shape and the matching nipple at the same time so all you have to do is dial in the shape you want and the nipples will adjust precisely! 
But Evelyn! I don’t like giant breasts…what about small ones? I got you covered! I’ve included 5 brand new small shapes as well along with a custom nipple morph that works with all five. Wait! Can you mix small and large? Yes you can. Some minor adjustments may be needed but in testing both large and small worked pretty well together and produced some really interesting shapes. 
But wait, ole’Evelyn ain’t done yet! Nope! I’ve also provided some cool motion morphs like swing and bounce to several of the large morphs to help you out with posing them for action scenes. All in all, this is a fantastic new addition to the SONSY SYSTEM for Genesis 8 female! 
•The figure body shaping morphs will NOT appear in your content library! You must load your Genesis figure – select their BODY in the parameters tab – and then scroll down the list till you locate the following:  SONSY 2024 G8F > BREASTS
The parameter file contains sub-files so the text for “SONSY 2024” will not be illuminated until you click on it to open it up and reveal the interior file options. I have separated each size/shape into their own individual files for easier use.
DAZ Studio 4.2 or higher
Genesis 8 Female Figure Base
•Installation must be for the Genesis BASE. Installation in the wrong file will result in the morphs not appearing in the parameters or not working properly. Do not custom install. Install directly to the files provided in the download.
•Package must be installed manually by user. There is no auto-installation option or function. See installation instructions for directions. If you have never installed manually before, refer to PDF included in this product's zip (compressed) file for help.
Breast Shape 1
Breast Shape 1 Nipples
Breast Shape 1 Weight
Breast Shape 2
Breast Shape 2 Bounce Left
Breast Shape 2 Bounce Right
Breast Shape 2 Bounce FULL
Breast Shape 2 Nipples
Breast Shape 2 On Back
Breast Shape 3
Breast Shape 3 Nipples
Breast Shape 4
Breast Shape 4 Nipples
Breast Shape 5
Breast Shape 5 Cleavage Adjust
Breast Shape 5 Full Swing Right
Breast Shape 5 Full Swing Left
Breast Shape 5 Nipples
Breast Shape 5 Point Down
Breast Shape 5 Swing Left IN
Breast Shape 5 Swing Right IN
Breast Shape 5 Swing Left OUT
Breast Shape 5 Swing Right OUT
Breast Shape 6 
Breast Shape 6 Nipples
Breast Shape 7
Breast Shape 7 Nipples
Small Breast Shape 1
Small Breast Shape 2
Small Breast Shape 3
Small Breast Shape 4
Small Breast Shape 5
Small Breast Shape Nipples



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 female (

Sonsy 2024 Upper Torso Morphs for Genesis 8 Female

SKU: 70814
By: HevieState3D

Provides 30+ brand new breast and chest shaping morphs to the Genesis 8 female.


25% off until 7/31/2024

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