Werewolf by Moonlight 2
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Werewolf by Moonlight 2

After her first encounter with the lusty lycanthrope in the park one fateful evening, Little Red has been on the hunt for another night with the fearsome beast. But after retracing her steps, she’s left disappointed as her lover hasn’t emerged to take advantage of her willing body. 

Heading back home, Little Red prepares for a night alone when she suddenly finds the wanton werewolf awaiting her!  

What happens next is a supernatural sex filled scene of intense action! Will Little Red survive the night? Or will she forever be bound to this creepy cryptid for centuries?

Find out in “Werewolf by Moonlight 2”! 

Werewolf by Moonlight 2 ” is a commissioned based mini set brought to you by long time Redrobot3D patreon member TeriMinx. This 50  page comic features intense monster sex action for those looking for more extreme action.  If you’re a fan of horrifying monsters and the busty women that love them, you’ll get a kick out of this release for sure. 





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Werewolf by Moonlight 2

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By: Redrobot3D

A sexy sequel to the best selling Monster sex erotic adventure!


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