Gamer Leap - Chapter 1
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Cara, alias BunnyGamer99 is a young and very popular streamer on the internet.
Her huge fanbase enjoys her various reviews about new movies, TV series, and especially gaming stuff.

But today, it is a very special Live session: Cara just got a surprise from one of her fans: a very rare vintage computer, with a special compilation of old games! And this session will be unforgettable for our young girl, but not for the reasons she could have expected...

-Fight and Beatdown
-Long AOH Whipscene
-Forced Sex and Oral
-Open ending!

Number of pages: 1069
Quality: HQ
Format: PDF
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 Adobe Acrobat reader, or any other similar program that reads PDF files

Gamer Leap - Chapter 1

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By: SkatingJesus

The Old School Gaming adventures of a Gamer Girl!


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