Layla's Lighting - Cinematic Studio Lights
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Layla proudly presents - Layla's Lights: Cinematic Iray Lighting Studio for Daz3D!

This product contains 36 Iray Lighting Presets of varying colors and intensity - light anything easily and beautifully!

Layla's Lighting Studio is an easy and versatile solution to your lighting needs - producing stunning images with just a few clicks!

No more flat, unappealing renders - with these presets your figure will always stand out and look professionally lit, with beautiful colors, intense rim lights and physical lights producing a dramatic, cinematic and all-around pleasing and appealing look.

9 Color Presets and 4 Intensity Presets create a total of 36 beautiful and unique lighting set-ups that are a perfect fit for absolutely any genre of a scenario. From Fantasy to Sci-Fi to Realism, these lights look gorgeous and create stunning blockbuster-like images that will make your renders look like a million bucks!

These presets are set up just like a real Photo Studio or a Theatre Stage, giving you an out-of-the-box instant solution for all of your lighting needs. Whether you are crafing a beautiful cinematic render for your story or creating a professional render for a project or even to advertise a product, these lights are as versatile as they are gorgeous.

Layla's Lights: Cinematic Iray Lighting Studio gives you an easy, quick and comprehensive solution to lighting with a power of a few clicks. Simply place your figure in the center of the scene and render! It's as easy as that!

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P.S. All the presets are set to render in "Scene Only" mode by default. To increase render speed or due to your artistic choice you can enable rendering with an addition of an HDRI by selecting the "Environment Options" node in the Scene pane, then going to "Render Settings" and selecting the "Environment" option and set the "Environment Mode" to "Scene + Dome" if desired.

Make sure to increase the "Max Samples" settings in the "Progressive Rendering" option in your "Render Settings". In new versions of Daz3D (4.22+) you can't increase this number past 25,000 so set it to "-1", meaning it is unlimited.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Layla's Lighting - Cinematic Studio Lights

SKU: 70018
By: Layla

This product contains 36 IRAY Lighting Presets of varying colors and intensity - light anything easily and beautifully!


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