LaFemme 2 DL
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"La Femme 2 is a new figure created from La Femme, but completely reworked and greatly improved." - Afrodite-Ohki
I simply love that sentiment.

So, when I was asked to create a genital set for her, I descided to build off of the figure herself and bring to you LaFemme 2 DL, the Darksesal Line. A version of LaFemme2 that includes genitals, and an anus, built into the figure itself.

Created using the original vendor resource and constructing a new hip that included an anus, anal canal, vagina, clitoris, labia and vaginal canal, the Rigging weights in that area have been all adjusted.

All JCM's (Joint Control Morphs) have been deleted for maxium clothing compatibility (though none is supplied here). Driven by the call for realistic Lady Bits for LaFemme2, this is re-worked figure with anatomic details for realistic and fantastic exxagerations, will fill all your needs.  Morphs go from realistic to extreme.  This is a separate sub-figure of Lafemme2, so other LaFemme2 body morphs and package might not be compatible.

What's Included on the figure?

-Controls (Original Dials, "Chips" Removed, Dials Function to Hide Show Bone Controllers)
Expression Controls - Hide === Show
Expression Chip - Hide === Show
Body Pose Chip - Hide === Show

Arms Up-Down
Left Arm Up-Down
Right Arm Up-Down
Arms Front-Back
Left Arm Front-Back
Right Arm Front Back

Brows Move Z


Head Spikes
Ghoul Face
Brow Horns
Chin Smaller
Chin Squared
Jawline Defined
Tongue Split
U Shaped Tongue
Cheek Push Out
Cheek Push Out_r
Cheek Push Out_l
Holding Breath
Mind Blown
Throat Bulge

Teeth All Sharp
Teeth Lower Fangs
Teeth Upper Fangs

Vampire Ear
Goblin Ear
Elf Ear
Mermaid Ear
No Ear
Ear Lobe Gravity
Larger Ears

Octo Goat Eye
Eye Cat
Eye Dialate
Eye Constrict

Nose Larger
Nose Removal
Nose Bridge Removal
Nose Bridge Bump
Nose Bridge Large
Nose Tip Sharp
Nose Tip Round
Nose Tip Pointy
Nose Tip Split
Cat Person Nose Mouth

Lips Large
Lips Inflate
Lip Bottom Thin
Lip Bottom Bow
Lip Top Thin
Lip Top Bow
Bit Lip

Flat Chest
Breasts Small
Breasts Inflate
Breast Diameter Increase
Breast Cleavage Increase
Breast Inflate 2
Breast Large Sloped
Breast Larger Faker
Breast Large and Fake
Breast Large and Heavy
Breast Sag
Nipple Tug
Breast On Glass
Nipples Longer
Nipple Inflate
Nipple Inverted Center
Nipple Puffy
Nipples Larger
Breasts Smaller Smooth
Hanging Around
Hanging Around 2

-Breast Controls
Breast Size Scale
Breasts Up Down
Breasts In Out

-General Body
Long Finger Nails
Long Toe Nails
Thicc Thighs
Thin Waist
Empty Belly
Barrel Belly
Pregnant Belly
Outie Belly Button
Complex Belly Button
Muscular Abs

-Hip Area
Original Buttocks Shaper
Butt Dimple
Thigh Gap
Thigh Gap 2
Butt Definer

(Genital Unimesh Subdivision Level 1 requires you use Unimesh under the menu options "Figure> Skinning Method> Poser Unimesh")
-Genital Unimesh Subdivision Level 1
SubD1 Close Anus
SubD1 Gape Anus
SubD1 Gape Anus 2
SubD1 Open Vagina 1
SubD1 Gape Vagina 1
SubD1 Inflate Clitoral Hood
SubD1 Inflate Labia Lips
SubD1 Smooth Shrink Labia
SubD1 Labia Wave 1
SubD1 Labia Wave 2
SubD1 Vaginal Weight 1
SubD1 Vaginal Weight 2
SubD1 Clitoris Large
SubD1 Clitoris R/L
SubD1 Clitoris F/B

-Genital Area
Labia Lips Wide
Open Labia 1
Gaping Open Vagina 1
Gaping Open Vagina 2
Tight Anus Close
Gaping Anus 1
Gaping Anus 2
Clitoris Hood Inflation
Labia Lips Inflation
Labia Lips Smooth Shrink
Labia Lips Wave 1
Labia Lips Wave 2
Vaginal Fat 1
Pinch Clitoral Hood
Clitoris Forward / Back
Rub Clitoris Left / Right
Rub Clitoris Front / Back
Camel Toe Pinch
Camel Toe Pinch 2
Open Interior Vaginal Canal Only
Larger Clitoris
Labia Lip ReShape Wings
Labia Lip Reshape Teardrop
Push In Anus
Stomach Bulge
Impossible Fit Vaginal
Impossible Fit Anal

And don't forget! There are more of the original morphs included on the head for the Mouth and Phonemes and MORE!

Brows Move Z (added for Octane Renders)

Mouth Open
MouthOpen Wide (added)
Smile Wide


And don't even get me started on hand dials included from there original, they're all there!

132 Dials Added!

What's Included in the Zip?

LaFemme2 DL Readme.txt
Runtime/Geometries/LaFemme2 DL/LaFemme2 DL.obj

Runtime/Libraries/Character/Lafemme2/LaFemme2 DL...
LaFemme2 DL.png
LaFemme2 DL.cr2
LaFemme2 DL.xmp

Runtime/Libraries/Materials/LaFemme2/LaFemme2 DL/...
LaFemme2 DL Octane.poc
LaFemme2 DL Simple.mc6
LaFemme2 DL Simple.png
LaFemme2 DL Simple.xmp


Program Requirements: Poser 11 or above. Poser 9, 10 untested.
PC, Mac untested but should work as files use :
Renders done in Superfly. LaFemme2 Hair not included.
May not compatible with other LaFemme 2 Morph packages, Look for the DL.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
 Not Tested
PoserPoser 11
 Poser 12
Other Notes
PoserPoser 10(not tested)
 Poser 8(not tested, SSS not included in Poser 8)
 Poser 9(not tested)

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresOther

LaFemme 2 DL

SKU: 69454
By: Darkseal

A NEW version of LaFemme2 that includes Naughty Lady Bits built into the figure.


Views: 2731

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