Jaylo - Captured in the Stalkers` Web
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Jasper and Victor have been after Jaylo for a long time, fascinated not only by her wealth but also by her body. Now they want to strike. They watch Jaylo dance, follow her home and break into her mansion, initially just to watch. But that doesn't last long, because Jaylo's insane body gets them both going, so they only have one thing on their minds: They must fuck her here and right now and come all over her. They capture her, put some hot clothes on her and then fuck her in every hole. At the end they chain her up, cum all over her and leave her unconscious on her patio.

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Trisha, Cyra and Kathy....

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Jaylo - Captured in the Stalkers` Web

SKU: 69441
By: InkBlaze69

Jaylo, a super-rich dancer, is followed to her mansion by two stalkers who first watch her and then decide to fuck her.


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