The Artifact Division Issue #001
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Tracy "Trace" Collins is a doctoral student attending a conference in Egypt when she is unexpectedly called upon by the CIA to aid them in a mission involving a mysterious archaeological site across the border in the Eastern Saharan desert (Libya). Almost immediately she is flung into danger as her helicopter is shot down by strange "terrorists." She awakens to find herself a hostage and her captor a somewhat mercenary physcist intent on locating a particular ancient Egyptian artifact. Everything goes sideways from there as Trace discovers there is far more to the ancient masters of Egypt than what her college courses ever taught her. 
Lot's of body inflation and strange technology are the driving forces behind this comic! Light adult content, more R-rated. Contains non-sexual nudity, expanding butt and belly as well as huge breasts and lactation. Light bondage and minor military violence.

The Artifact Division Issue #001

SKU: 69030
By: HevieState3D

Trace Collins finds herself battling her way through terrorists and body inflation as she searches for an ancient Egyptian artifact!


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