High Quality Silk
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In the real world, because of the thickness of the silk, its opacity changes with the angle between the surface of the silk and the viewer. The larger the angle, the greater the opacity of the corresponding portion of the silk and the deeper the color. So we can see that there are color gradients on the translucent silk. 

High Quality Silk is a well-designed custom shader system so it can simulate this optical property of translucent silk in the real world. 
You can replace the original material of your clothing item with the HQ Silk to make it show a completely different style and bring more fun to your CG work. 
To help users more convenient to use this product, the HQ Silk provides a number of presets and tools. With them users can quickly change the color, thickness, pattern and gloss of the silk. 
The HQ Silk has other powerful features. I have made a detailed tutorial on how to use the HQ Silk, from basic to advanced. You can read this tutorial first and then decide whether to buy this product. 
Please note that this product is for DAZ Studio and Iray only. 

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.9
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High Quality Silk

SKU: 59243
By: 3feetwolf_Legacy

High Quality Silk is a custom shader system. It can be used to replace the original materials of the clothing and fabric items.


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