HD Chest For G8F
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HD Nipples for G8F is a powerful Geo-Grafting props that adds high resolution details to the nipples and areola of your G8F character.

The biggest feature of HD Nipples for G8F is that it provides a set of 4k HD textures for each side of the nipple and areola. And, these textures correspond one-to-one with different characters. In other words, HD Nipples creates exclusive textures for each G8F character to achieve the perfect compatibility of HD Nipples and characters! These textures will be stored in a subfolder named after the character name in the Runtime directory. When you want to apply HD Nipples to a G8F character in DAZ Studio, the script of HD Nipples will automatically find out and use the nipples textures corresponding to this character. And if you want to use this G8F character and HD Nipples in other softwares, you can also manually find out the desired nipples textures in the subdirectory named by the character in the Runtime directory, which is very convenient.

Other interesting features include the ability to control her areola size for a G8F character. Although there are many breast control tools in DAZ Studio's product library that allow us to adjust the size of the areola through morphs, but there is significant drawbacks to doing so. Because the morphs stretch the textures, this cause the details of areola to distort in the final rendering result. In HD Nipples, the size of the areola is divided into 4 levels, small, medium, large and huge. Depending on the level you choose, the size of the areola is different in the HD Nipples textures generated for your character. This way we can use the textures to control the size of the areola of the character. If you are not happy with the existing areola size levels, you can even modify them manually to get the most satisfactory results. I have created a detailed user's guide to explain how to use HD Nipples for G8F and how to change the nipple's color, the size and the shape of the areola by modifying mask files and template files. Before you decide to purchase this product, please download and read the user's guide for more detailed information.

One bad news is that HD Nipples temporarily has no shape control morphs. This is because I have spent too much time making texture features, so I want to take a breather, lol. Of course, I will make the morphs package for HD Nipples as soon as possible and upload it to the HD Nipples' download page, then you can download and install it for free. In addition, according to my tests, HD Nipples is compatible with the most morphs of the breast control tools such as 'Breast Control' and 'Breast Utilities'. So if you have such breast control tools on hand, you can safely use them to control the shape of the HD Nipples.

Please note that HD Nipples for G8F is for Windows only and only works in Daz Studio or higher.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

HD Chest For G8F

SKU: 60326
By: 3feetwolf_Legacy

HD Nipples for G8F is a powerful Geo-Grafting props that adds high resolution details to the nipples and areola of your G8F character.


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