Werewolf by Moonlight
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Redrobot3D Proudly Presents

Werewolf by Moonlight

Little Red is having a casual evening walk on her way to visit grandma. 

Unwittingly she is being stalked by a creature most foul, the dreaded werewolf! But what this lustful lycanthrope wants is more than just a quick snack once it sets its eyes on Red’s massive tits and round ass! What comes next is a sexual encounter that Red could have never imagined as the big bad wolf has its way with her over and over again!

Will Red be able to get to Grandma’s before it's too late? Or will she really discover how big this wolf’s dick really is? Find out in this exclusive brand new mini set from Redrobot3D!

Werewolf by Moonlight” is a commissioned based mini set brought to you by long time Redrobot3D patreon member TeriMinx. This 50 page comic features intense monster sex action for those looking for more extreme action.  If you’re a fan of horrifying monsters and the busty women that love them, you’ll get a kick out of this release for sure. 


Werewolf by Moonlight

SKU: 67549
By: Redrobot3D

Little Red finds something horny lurking in the park.


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