The Taking of Brooke


In "The Taking of Brooke" Brooke and her boyfriend Connor volunteer to be corporate guinea pigs.  Manipulated into a horrible torture chamber instead they are turned into human test subjects by a sentient robot doing the bidding of it's alien masters.

Shrink rayed down to barbie doll size Brooke is levitated into the cargo hold of the alien ufo.  Waking up she finds the bathing suit of a former victim and puts it on to appease her fear of the situation.  She explores her surroundings until she inadvertently finds the occupant alien scientists and the chase is on!

She is shrank again.  Alien handled.  Becomes the victim of an amorous alien's mating behaviors and then...

Will she be rescued?

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The Taking of Brooke

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By: orrion123

Brooke and Connor answer an online ad for human guinea pigs for corporate scientific research. Unknown to them there is far more danger about to envelop them then they could possibly know.


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