The Hawk
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The Hawk by NextLevel

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Chaos in the Western Me├žitallian Sea! The government-backed crypto currency of the region has collapsed, and hundreds of millions of citizens have lost their life savings in the countries of Mojara, Alciteria, Tume, and Ysolterra. As a result, the populace of these countries have overthrown their democratically-elected governments, and set up an anarchist regime. 
This anarchist regime is targeting the educated, wealthy, and influential citizens of these countries. They are executing them, kidnapping them, and selling them off to wealthy merchants on the thriving black market.
Enter Senator Talia Stanton from the Commonwealth and Order of Regional Dominions (CORD). She is commonly known as "The Hawk" on capitol hill for her aggressive policies aimed at sending CORD military support to help stabilize the chaotic region. Indeed, many have called her a war-monger. Despite all of this, Senator Stanton is considered a wunderkind among the CORD government - she is very successful and influential among voters and she is not yet even in her thirties. The old guard - the aged and long-sitting members of government - continuously look for ways to undermine Senator Stanton's prolific success. They want her to 'disappear' so that she is no longer a threat to their influence, which for all intents and purposes, is a gerontocracy. 
Now, the country of Ysolterra sends their highest ranking Naval Admiral to the CORD capitol hill in an attempt to persuade lawmakers to vote in favor of a proposed bill to send CORD military forces to assist Ysolterra. Boots on the ground. The Admiral is accompanied by a beautiful translator who will help plead their case. She is willing to do anything to get the support that her countrymen need to fight the anarchists!
Behind it all, powerful and mysterious forces aim to control everything without any one knowing!
The Hawk delivers erotica, and intriguing plotlines! A must-have for those looking for evolving storylines and recurring character arcs in their erotica novels.

The Hawk

SKU: 67115
By: TheNextLevel

Senator Talia Stanton is commonly known as "The Hawk" on capitol hill for her aggressive military policies. The old guard continuously look for ways to undermine her prolific success. They want her to 'disappear' so that she is no longer a threat to their influence.


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