Inspiration Expressions G8.1F Build-A-Bj
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Inspiration Expressions
Genesis 8.1
Genesis 8.1 introduced several amazing new features for the face rig that give more lifelike results than ever! Enhanced powerpose integration and corrective morphs now attached to the bones, allow for more extreme expressions while staying WITHIN LIMITS, no more broken face bones! Expressions are smoother, skin no longer crickles and breaks, and expressions look even better on morphed characters, even extreme character morphs!
If you haven't seen what were doing lately at Thunder-3D or haven't tried our products yet,
jump in and see where Inspiration can take you!
1. Apply Body Poses (poses provided separately)

2. Apply a BJ lower

3. Pose head/neck and genitalia, and make your adjustments
Apply desired B-A-B Utilities (Brow, Cheeks, Nose etc.) If necessary, adjust the mouth fit. There are many ways to do this, by either using the gen bones to "squeeze" the genetalia, powerpose to adjust the expression, or use the provided mouth width presets (Meipe's Donut Smile or DAZ Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs required for the mouth width presets) and adjust hands if needed.

4. Adjust camera and lighting, and Render!

BE AWARE: With the release of Genesis 8.1, the choice of poses and expressions got a little confusing. BODY poses designed for Genesis 8 work fine on Genesis 8.1, however the massive changes to the 8.1 face means that Genesis 8 facial expressions and Genesis 8.1 expressions are NOT interchangable. These expressions were designed on G8.1 and will ONLY work on G8.1. While there are workarounds to make G8 expressions work on G8.1, expressions BUILT on G8.1 work and look WAY better.
This Build-A-Bj kit uses a different dividing line for upper/lower partials. You can still mix Upper partials from our other G8.1 expression sets, however we recommend you apply the Upper FIRST, then apply the BJ lower so that it can overwrite the cheeks properly.
Build-A-Bj comes with the same toolkit from our other G8.1 sets, and ALSO has a second utility toolkit specific to the BJ expressions.

Because G8 body poses work seamlessly on G8.1, Build-A-BJ expressions can be mixed with ANY of our G8 Blowjob products on a Genesis 8.1 Figure. Because of this, all our previous blowjob pose sets can be used on G8.1 with this expression set!


Included in this set:
  • 5 Kiss/Nibble Lowers
  • 14 Lick Lowers - 19 Female Lickalicious Poses
  • 29 Default Scale (small) Sucks for Clitzilla, DAZ G8 Male Gens and other gens when scaled down.
  • 37 Large Scale Sucks for Larger Gens like Dicktator
  • 43 Utilities such as Brow poses, cheeks, nostril flare on/off, and mouth width presets for DAZ Genesis 8 Female Facial Morphs (requires the official DAZ "Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs" product be purchased at and installed) and mouth width presets for Meipe's Donut Smile (requires the Donut Smile product by Meipe be purchased at Renderotica and installed)
We HIGHLY recommend the new
Donut Smile product from Meipe
for even more BJ fun!
We can't wait to see what you do with these new Build-A-Blowjob kits, and keep an eye out for future Build-A-Blowjob products coming soon from Thunder-3D!
Inspiration Poses, the Original organized easy to use erotic pose solution designed for 3DX content creators to help you realize your scenes faster!



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.15
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female

Required Products

Lickalicious For Genesis 8 Female

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8.1 Female (

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Inspiration Expressions G8.1F Build-A-Bj

SKU: 64720
By: Thunder-3D

The biggest Thunder-3D expression set ever, to help creators build the BJ scenes of their dreams! Combine with G8 body poses and G8.1 body poses, now G8.1F can use your entire BJ library!


25% off until 3/11/2024

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Available in the following bundles:
Build-A-Bj & Donut Smile Complete Bundle!
Bundled price: $7.64
Save 15%

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