Unchaste - Chapter Two
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Unchaste - Chapter Two is the second chapter in a Four part drama following a 34 year-old married woman named Priya, as she falls from grace into a world of corruption and degeneracy. In this second chapter, you will witness Priya being talked into returning to the underground facility from Chapter One by her best-friend Claire. Whilst there she will reluctantly have to get changed into a lewd outfit in order to work with Claire in the Gentlemen's club. Once there she meets Chidi and Andrei who are regulars. She finds out a little bit about them and decides to entertain Chidi whilst Claire does the same with Andrei. After a few drinks, Claire agrees to give into Andrei's demands to have sex with her right there in public RAW. A tipsy Priya and Chidi take a moment to watch the two of them, whilst both getting aroused from watching Claire easily deep-throat Andrei in front of them. It doesn't take long for Chidi to ask Priya for something similar, and because of the drink consumed, she decides it's OK to start off with an hand-job. Chidi being the generous, thoughtful man he is, decides to give Priya some pleasure herself, by reaching into her outfit and starting to play with her wet pussy. What follows, is Priya learning something new and exciting about herself, but to find out exactly what... You'll just have to find out for yourself!

Main Kinks/Fetishes:

Vaginal Penetration


Resolution 1500x1000



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The Sequel to Unchaste - Chapter One! Witness Priya fall deeper into the underground sex trade! Will she finally start to enjoy what it has to offer her?


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