Shades of Darkness 4:  Bad Professor


Tess is a hot little freshman at university. She is in Professor Burke's phycology class and he, unknowingly to her, has taken an interest in her. 
Staying late at the library is nothing new to Tess, one night after leaving the library her new car daddy bought her surprisingly won't start. Strongly Profesor Burke happens to be leaving the parking garage and offers to help Tess. 
Burke's real plan is to abduct the poor girl and bring her to an abandoned house. He subdues the petite college girl and restrains and gags her. Tess awakens to see her professor jerking off and drinking a beer sitting in front of her helpless bound body. 
The sick Professor cuts her clothes off and then live streams her BDSM training session with the perverted Professor. Tess is abused with whips, anal toys, ring gags, fucked in her virgin ass, and forced to drink her captor's cum from her own ass. The professor forcefully fucks the girl's face all while the Internet perverts watch, tipping Burke with bitcoin.
Tess submits hoping the nightmare will end, but Burke has longer-term plans for his new fuck toy. 

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Abduction, kidnap, College, student, bound, bondage, gag, ring gag, whips, humiliation, anal, oral, cum swallow, cum drinking, ass to mouth, ATM, water sports, pissing, petite, brunet, choking



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By: 3DZen

Tess, a freshman at university. Her Professor offers to help with her stalled car, however, Burke has the plans, and Tess finds herself bound and gagged in his basement. He then proceeds to use her and live stream her circumstance as he trains her ass and mouth.


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