Industrial Cooker
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Bring all your gourmet apocalyptic survival horror to a new depth. Necessity is the mother of invention, in end of the world scenarios, sometimes human is on the menu for sub species from other realms, or even the casual human itself. With this set you can shock and awe your viewers with some cannibal delight. Need a death metal album cover, pop this in create some shudders. 

Set comes with the Industrial Cooker, an oven with emissive coil heating/lighting. Pull out rack for exotic items, Glass panel pull out door that opens and closes. Control panel to adjust heat, locking of door, rack in and out, display and cook, and a manual override in case the power goes out. Set also includes the building, which is the core base of future sets that will connect to this one. 2 lighting fixtures sets, 2 rows of the cookers placed in the building, for a total of 10 cookers at one time. static and dforce plastic flaps for room separation. This is just a base set, no poses are included with this set. Poses for this will be released for this set soon.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

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Industrial Cooker

SKU: 62736
By: Chaosophia

Facility used to cook unusual exotic meats including the human kind.


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