CyberCity - Wildside Pt2


(Please Note: Below description contains spoilers for Part One)
Layla’s ‘bad day’ continues as she not only finds herself trapped in the Sprawl, but discovers she's a now wanted criminal.  As Laya tries to get home she has to deal with the underworld  denizens that inhabit the Sprawl. Can she avoid the nightmarish ‘tweakers’, insane clown gangs, religious zealots, the security forces and finally, her own personal demons. 
She'll have to use every skills and asset at her disposal to even survive the night, let along find a way to get clear of the mess she finds herself in.. A mess that seems to get worse by the minute.
Cyber City Wildside Part Two, picks up immediately from where Part one ended and is a storyline based erotic comic where the plot drives the sex and not the other way around. 
Note: Comic contains some limited (non sexual) violence and reference to drug use.
This is a 90 page multi framed comic from Gonzo Studios.

Cyber City: Wildside Pt1 is available FREE OF CHARGE! obviously this is to give you a taste and try to convince you to buy part two and support your independent comic book creators and buy a copy of part two. We’re not Marvel or DC so you really do make a difference when it comes to helping to fund new content.



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CyberCity - Wildside Pt2

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By: Gonzo Studios

Welcome to the ‘Cyber City’ series, a Cyberpunk genre storyline driven multi framed comic that draws inspiration from things like Sin City, William Gibson, Ready Player One, Blade Runner, The Matrix and a bunch of other things.


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