The Morgue For DazStudio 4.8+
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Davo's "The Morgue" for Poser DAZ STUDIO

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama

Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone

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Copyright (c) 2019 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for
This modern morgue takes a sinister turn with it's body harvesting tools, cooler, body lockers and even an optional incinerator.

System Requirements:

- PC compatible
- Not tested in Mac
- Requires DazStudio 4.11+
- Poser 8+ Only version is available with V4 support (sold separately)
- All files in .duf, .dsf, .png and .jpg format.
- Basic G3F/G3M or V4/M4 for poses.

Figure Library Features:
Ceiling Lamp:
This is a large operating lamp that is mounted to the ceiling. The posable armatures have length morphs and the lamp head is rotatable. Ambient lit material zones are built in so this lamp will glow in a dimly lit scene. You can place this lamp anywhere you wish in the room.

Cooler: This is a medical, organ-donor style cooler with removable lid and posable arm.

Counter: This is a stainless steel work counter with size/shape morphs built in. You can place it along a wall. The shelf below is height adjustable.

Crematorium: This is special wall that is designed to replace the rooms wall_BK wall, (the one with the storage lockers in it). Just move the wall_BK wall and place this on in it's place.  The crematorium wall has a sliding door that moves up an down. The door has a window that is covered. If you want to see in the chamber, just move the door cover out of place. There is a repositionable control panel as well.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) in the crematorium are provided.
Cuff System 1: This is a cuff system that can be added to the exam table. There are 4 armatures with morph length adjustable parts. These will attach to the supplied wrist and ankle cuffs in the props library.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) on the exam table and fit the cuffs are provided.
Cuff System 2:
This is another cuff system that can be added to the exam table. It has morph length adjustble parts and secures your character in a spread eagle position to the exam table.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) on the exam table and fit the cuffs are provided.

Exam Table: This is a modern morgue style autopsy/exam table. It has a stainless steel finish on most parts. There are 4 grates over the center of the table that can repositiond or moved out of view. There is a head rest that can be repositioned or hidden from view. There is also a hose prop on the side of the table base. The hose is not posable, just for looks, it can be moved out of view. The table, head rest, grate and base all have size/shape morphs for adjustments.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) on the table are provided.

Fridge and Fridge Combo: A simple cold storage refridgerator with movable shelves and posable door is included. You can use this to store items in. The Fridge Combo has some coolers and jars pre-parented to the shelves. You can place this fridge anywhere in your room.

Gurney: This is simple transport gurney to wheel bodies in and out of the morgue. It has a stainless steel finish.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) on the gurney are provided.

Head Holder: This is a cruel device to lock your characters head totaly stationary. It has morph length adjustable parts that are repositionable. The screws are meant to dig into the skull to keep the head locked. The armature is posable.  A pose file is provided in conjunction with the cuff system 1 poses.

Jar 1 and Jar 2: Simple specimen jars with labels on them. Jar 1 has a morph adjustable fluid level. Jar 2 can open and close as the lid is moveable. You can adjust the material zones on the jars to make them glass if you wish.
Locker Slab: This figure is designed to go inside the wall_BK lockers. The slab has a built in tray (also provided as a stand alone) and sliding rail system.
Pose files are provided for the slab to position them in any of the 9 storage lockers in the rooms wall_BK wall. Parent the slab to the wall_BK body part of the room before applying the positioning pose. There are poses for M4, V4 (G3F and G3M in the DS version) to place them in the slab tray and stand alone locker tray.

Locker Tray: Stand along locker slab tray. Same posing notes apply as the Locker Slab, see above.

Rack: This is a rack figure that can be mounted along side a wall. It can hold up to 4 bodies or be used as a storage shelf.
Pose files to place M4, V4 (G3M and G3F in the DS version) in each position on the rack are provided.

Room: This a simple medical room that can be used for exams or autopsy purposes. It's got double entry doors on the front wall, a freezer room with posable door, ceiling with built in ceiling lights that can be moved out of view. The back wall has 9 storage lockers that you can place bodies inside. The back wall can also be moved and out view and have a crematorium wall put in it's place.  All walls, ceiling, doors, etc., can be moved out of view for good cameral angles for renders.

Scale Large: This is a scale on a stand that you can use to weight body parts. The scale dial is posable and the scale basket can move up and down.

Scale Small: This is a small table top scale with a dish for putting things inside. The dial is posable.

Sink: This is a sink that can be placed up agains a wall or placed up next to the exam table. The back wall of the sink can be size/shape adjusted or hidden from view if you want to put it up agains the exam table. The faucet handles and faucet are posable, the water level in the sink is posable and the bottom shelf of the sink is posable. The sink has size/shape morphs to help it fit up next to the counter.

Tool Holder: This is a cool tool holder that can be used for automatic autopsy or cutting purposes. It fits to the side of the exam table in it's default position. The holder's base is size/shape adjustble. The motor can twist. The armatures for the tool motor have length morphs. The knob on the control panel is posable. There are smart prop tools that attach to the tool head. They are available in the props folder.

Tool Holder Extra: This is an extra Tool Holder figure, you can add as many to the tool holder figure as you wish so you can use several tools at once. If you adjust the height of the tool holder base, you might have to move the tool holder extra motor base up or down to fit to the rail. The smart props for the Tool Holder will work with this xtra figure as well, just select this figure before applying the smart props.

Trash: This is a medical trash receptracle. It has a height morph. You can use this to throw away medical waste.

Tray: This is a simple tool tray you can place things on. It has size/shape morphs.

Tray with Tools: This is the tray figure with some hand tools pre-parented to it.

Xray: This is a lighted xray film viewer. You can place this on a wall. The glass on the view is ambient lit so it will glow in a dimly lit scene.

Props Libraries:

Basic Scifi Cuffs Library:
V4, M4 (G3F and G3M in the DS version)
These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the morgue and other various Davo products.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters wrists, ankles and neck. To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will position automatically.
Medical Tools Library:

This library has some stand alone medical tools: 3 Hand saws with morphs, 2 Scalpels and 1 medical clamp.
Most of these have size/shape morphs. There are smart prop versions of these for M4, V4 and G3F and G3M in the DS version.
Hand poses are available for the hand saws and scalpels in the hands library. I did not provide hand pose for the clamps, good luck with that.

Tool Holder Library:
These are smart prop tools for the Tool Holder figure, they will automatically fit in place on the tool holder. To apply the tool, click on the Tool Holder Figure of choice, then apply the smart prop tool. These will work on the Tool Holder Xtra figure as well.

Dildo: This smart prop dildo has size/shape morphs to play with.

Blade: This smart prop blade is good for making deep cuts.

Saw: This smart prop circular saw can cut skulls and other body parts. It has teeth and diameter morphs.

Syringe: A simple syring with diameter, length and plunger movement morphs.

Pose Libraries:

The pose libraries contain poses for V4,M4 (and genesis 3 female in the DS version) and matching poses for some of the equipment in this package.
Please note if the library has an informational image file in the library. All character poses require the character to be parented to a specific part on the restraining device so if you move the device to a new location, the character will pose in the correct location as well.

Note: Poses will get your default v4/M4 or genesis 3 female/male into position. If you have a heavily customized or morphed figure, you might have to do some adjustments. These poses will get you started.

Note: Some equipment and poses will require the Basic scifi Cuffs from the props library.

Readme file: A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.8
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested
Other Notes
(Poser only version sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female
  Genesis 3 Males

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(G3F, G3M, V4 and M4, if used, can be acquired from Daz3d)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female and Male (

The Morgue For DazStudio 4.8+

SKU: 61113
By: DavoFreeone

A modern morgue setting with some "extra" tools and devices for automatic organ harvesting and pleasuring.


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