Beauty And The Futa
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One Winter's night, a voluptuous Princess, too curious - and too prudish - for her own good, crosses paths with a Dark Fae. Upon discovering her unseemly demeanor, the Dark Fae curses the Princess as punishment, transforming her into a Beastess. The only way for The Beastess to rid herself of the curse is to have anal sex.
Until, on another dark Winter's night, a lowly Traveler shows up at her castle... Between The Beastess, The Traveler, and his love, they each have their own sexual encounters, but the Beastess begins falling into despair and losing hope. For who could ever have anal with a Beastess?

Length: 50 erotic pages!
Resolution: 1920x1080 True HD!
Image Quality: Actual "high-quality" with no pesky graininess!
Format: pdf

Brought to you by Vektor.
Cum for the sex. Stay for the story.



Beauty And The Futa

SKU: 60731
By: Vektor

For refusing anal sex, an unsuspecting Princess is cursed by a Dark Fae, turned into a Beastess until she has anal with someone. But who could ever have anal with a Beastess? 50 erotic pages.


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