Hot Skinny Jeans For G8F
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Tired of those Jeans without hot morphs?
Do you want some Jeans with modern style?
Do you want to make your Character look real great, sexy and hot?
You got it!!

You can make your character look great with this Hot Skinny Jeans!!
Make her look really sexy and hot, and even undress her!!

With premade presets for all the main adult characters for Genesis 8 Female.
With automatic morphs for hip, legs and foot.
With Special Morphs that makes it REAL HOT!!

You'll have Five Denim presets and colours for metal parts and stitches.
You can mix Presets and create the look that you want!!

Imagine your Female Character wearing this!!

Morphs included:

Back Down
Back Front to Back
Back Middle Left Down
Back Middle Left Front to Back
Back Middle Left Up
Back Middle Right Down
Back Middle Right Front to Back
Back Middle Right Up
Back Up
Central Front Back to Front
Central Front Up Down
Crotch Front Back
Crotch Up Down
Inner Glutes Out
Inner Left Glute Out
Inner Right Glute Out
Left Side to Sides
Middle Front Left Front to Back
Middle Front Left Up Down
Middle Front Right Front to Back
Middle Front Right Up Down
Open Left Pocket
Open Left
Open Little Pocket
Open Right Pocket
Open Right
Pockets Inside
Pose 01
Right Side to Sides
Sides to Sides
Sides Up Down
Stripping 01 Monique 8
Stripping 01 Olympia 8
Stripping 01 Victoria 8
Stripping 01
Stripping 02 Monique 8
Stripping 02 Olympia 8
Stripping 02 Victoria 8
Stripping 02
Stripping 03 Monique 8
Stripping 03 Olympia 8
Stripping 03 Victoria 8
Stripping 03
Uncover Front Monique 8
Uncover Front Olympia 8
Uncover Front
Uncover Glutes Monique 8
Uncover Glutes Olympia 8
Uncover Glutes Victoria 8
Uncover Glutes



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Hot Skinny Jeans For G8F

SKU: 60609
By: Ambrosia3d

Tired of those Jeans without hot morphs? Do you want some Jeans with modern style? Do you want to make your Character look real great, sexy and hot? You got it!!


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