Divine Avatar: Chapter One
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You can see the trailer in my gallery here if the above does not play for you: http://www.renderotica.com/gallery/shorturl/490384/Divine-Avatar-Chapter-One-(Trailer)?artistname=Chimera46

*see the "Free Files" section below for a 1080p version of the trailer

TLDR: A world building fantasy adventure wherein a busty elf with short pink hair takes it in all her holes* as part of a journey of self-discovery. May contain some humour and social commentary. A visual novel - animation hybrid format, with approx 20 mins of 1080p 3D voiced animation, 100 images (many are alternate angles and focal points) and a 7000 word story.

The Story:

In a world of vengeful-petty Gods and corrupt ideologies, the people cry out for a hero! Well, they don't, because they'd be punished, but they got one anyway, and her name is Novyn! Created to be the personal avatar of the Goddess Lyanna, Novyn was meant to walk amongst mortals to answer their prayers, guide them toward a life of virtue, and otherwise help out the small-folk. There is only one problem: She's broken and prefers instead to fuck anyone and anything she comes across! In " Divine Avatar: Chapter One" we meet Novyn after her first day on the job. In sorting out her shortcomings, we follow Novyn on a journey of self discovery where we learn more about her and the world she lives in. By self-discovery of course, I mean sexual intercourse. There is a lot of world building in this first outing, and contains social commentary and attempts at humour. This product is great if you like your 3DX sprinkled with generous amounts of READING and LORE! There is at least one death in this story. It is up to you to decide as to whether it was well deserved...

What's Included:

Presented in Visual novel format (uses a windows exe file), this product contains approximately 20 minutes of 1080p animation (custom voiced), about 100 images (many are alternate angles and focal changes that shift with the dialogue) and a 7000 story. Just extract the multi-part zip and run the EXE file (You may need to install 7zip, which is free, to extract the files). I would highly suggest you click on the "Controls" and "Foreward" sections before diving into the story. There is a scene selection screen in case you need to close things and want to pick up where you left off (kind of). You will need 2.4 GB of hard drive space for this, so get to work deleting some old pron to make room (preferably some I didn't make).

Of note: There are 3 audio endings, set to randomize. So, you should hear something slightly different at the end if you run the last scene multiple times.

Cast and Crew:

Most of the heavy lifting was done by Chimera46(me!). Voiceacting by the lovely and talented Silkymilk. Gazukull did a bunch, mostly (im)moral support. Special thanks also to DB|Spencer, Wyrmmaster and Erogenesis.

*There is what can be described as a DP scene, but it's spoken about more than you actually see it. Sorry to those who are fans of anal, you'll see more of that in Chapter Two.


Ability to run Windows EXE files, and to extract multi-part zip files (you may need to install 7zip).  2.4 gb of hard drive space for the extracted product.




Divine Avatar: Chapter One

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By: Chimera46gazukull

Visual Novel - Animation hybrid. A world building fantasy adventure wherein a busty elf with short pink hair takes it in all her holes as part of a journey of self-discovery. Approx 20 mins of 1080p 3D voiced animation, 100 images (many are alternate angles and focal points) and a 7000 word story.


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