Andaroos Chronicles - Chapter 15
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In a world ruled by young but tyrannical King Vanerys III, life is hard to endure, especially for women...

Sarah Danarios escaped from Andaroos, but the guards are still looking for any people who may have helped her, for interrogation, and for sentence for this crime. And today may be their lucky one...

In the Askeljarr Labour Camp, Harkan is preparing the convoy to bring Ashley to the King Vanerys.

Meanwhile, Queen Kalorah is waiting for Vanerys to arrive in Kal Duah, and is giving herself the pleasure to play with one of her new slaves...

-Capture/Arrest Scene with Beatdown
-Punishment/Caning Scene
-Slave Market-like Scene with short punishment (Caning)
-Long Interrogation Scene, with Belly Punching/Whipping/Forced Sex
-Slave Walk
-Punishment/Forced Sex
-Non-Lethal Crux Scene (without Nails)


This is a 1095 page comics.

Number of Pages: 1095
Quality: HQ
Format: PDF
Required program: Adobe Acrobat reader, or any other similar program that reads PDF files.




Andaroos Chronicles - Chapter 15

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By: SkatingJesus

Two girls, two sisters, running for their lives, running for their homeland...


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