The Shagging Before Christmas
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On the night before Christmas, Lali wakes up when she hears someone in the living room, laughing. She quickly finds out that she's dreaming, and that the laughing person is no ordinary visitor. Being the gracious host that she is, she makes him feel at home like only she can.
Author's note:

After a long dry spell in comics, due to many other distractions now finally resolved, I hope this simple comic marks the beginning of a new phase of comic production. It also marks the end of a year of rebuilding and reorientation with regards to my ambitions and my future in CGI and erotica. I was hoping I could release the Disco Dragon part 3 for Christmas but with just a week left, I knew I wouldn't make it. So I quickly made this fun little comic instead, based on a script I wrote back in 2015. 
I sincerely hope you enjoy this comic! It is also a signal to you that I have my game back on regarding comic production, especially since I made this in three days. I mean business now!

The Disco Dragon part 3 is not far off now. Sorry it took so long. I won't let that happen again.
The format is not the largest, but in the interest of speed, I kept it at a modest 1400x800 (hence the price). Its still big enough for you to see what's going on! Plenty of close-ups, and of course Lali naughtiness. Should the demand be high enough, I would gladly re-render in a larger format when I have more time.



The Shagging Before Christmas

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By: Erogenesis

On the night before Christmas, Lali dreams that she gets a visit from a very special individual.


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