Dark Seed: In Space No One Can Hear You Moan
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She was a Synthetic, made for service, though she didn’t know this at the time. Layla Ceres just thought she was a slave, a sex slave whom was particularly good at what she did. She lived a charmed life with a Master whom idolised her, acquiescing to all her wants and needs, including her more debauched desires which she fore filled on the stages and in the back rooms of the most prestigious carnal houses in the inner United Terran Alliance worlds. This raw wanton need was what made her one of the most desired and sort after courtesans throughout the system, she was able to pick and choose her consorts as her needs and desires dictated.
However, while wealth flowed from her raw insatiable pleasure, her master’s other trading businesses were in desperate trouble. Her master’s saviour came in the form of a low born smuggler, Hoogarth whom offered to take all of her master’s debts in exchange for herself. This was the beginning of a new life, she became a slave in the true sense of the word, with her new owner dictating who and how many clients she would take. Far from breaking Layla, her newly imposed subservient role tapped new depths to her perversions and she thrived.
Then a sudden decision to go to Oberon Station, an orbital trading post and research facility beyond the outer rim systems and, outside of Terran Alliance controlled space, marked a turning point in Layla’s life where the genesis of who she was became a commodity in the deadly serious world of military politic and power. Now on the run with an embedded nymphomaniac AI, Layla has to use her charm and body to stay one step ahead of the pursuing United Terran Alliance military.

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Dark Seed: In Space No One Can Hear You Moan

SKU: 60047
By: Eloo

A made for service sex slave, Layla loves her work. Her life is turned upside down when she is acquired by a low-born smuggler whom takes her away from the comfortable pleasures of the inner worlds to a station on the edge of UTA space. Layla will have to put her body on the line to survive.


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