Sexy 21
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We all know the game of 21, or Blackjack, and this that game, with a few twists:
Sexy Joker Cards: You'll see the sexy Joker and hear her cackle, and when she shows up for yourself or the dealer she adds +13 points! If she appears upside down (and cackles backwards) she is worth ZERO points.
Animated Face Cards: Jack, Queen, King, Ace for every suit has a sexy looping Barbarian Babes animation!
Winning Animations: Win the hand (getting higher card total than the dealer) in 5 cards or less, to see some sexy animation that you can watch as long as you like, or click the deck to start the next round. Hit Blackjack exactly (score 21 total points with card value) and you get a different animation.
Win Streak & Wins Total: the game tracks how many rounds you win in a row, and how many rounds you've won total. Get 4 wins in a row to unlock a sexy bonus animation, and win 10 games total for a different bonus!
Other cards operate by standard Blackjack rules: each card is worth the number of points listed on the card, face cards are worth 10, and aces are worth 11 points, unless that would push you over 21 and make you lose, in which case the ace changes to be worth only 1 point.



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Sexy 21

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By: Barbarianbabes Legacy

Time for some Sexy Blackjack! You know the game- get the cards to add up to 21 and beat the dealer! Only this time you've got sexy animated cards, a sexy narrator, and sexy bonuses!


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