The Cellar In Basement
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- 1 Big and highly detailed Cellar room composed of separate parts empty
- 1 Big and highly detailed Cellar room composed of separate parts with furniture placed
- 4 Scenes preset
- 12 Poses for G3F fit to scenes preset provided
- 13 Furniture props: Lamp, Cages, Chair, Fucking machine, Torch lamp, Table, Cross, Totem, etc...
- 9 Poses for G3F
- 8 Separate parts to build the cellar room
- 15 Cameras + mats options headlamp ON/OFF
- 1 Ambient light with 4 percentage values mats poses option
- 1 Iray render preset
- 35 Texture maps
Only Iray materials are provided.
- Cameras come with the active headlamp to see your scene.
  It is strongly recommended to disable the headlamp of the camera when you are ready
  to start your rendering. The ON / OFF mats are available in the camera folder.
  Do not forget to select the camera before applying the mats poses.
- Regarding the totem: 2 Poses are provided for G3F for the totem.
  Before applying the poses, you must select the front arms (right and left) of G3F
  and in the general settings, to unlock the Z axis rotation dial which is blocked by default.
  Indeed, the poses require that this axis is unlocked and we have unfortunately not found
  solutions to create a mat pose for this purpose.
- Work with the 4 scenes provided: The room is large and you will certainly want to work in
  an area without overloading your scene and thus save the resources of your computer.
  To do this, choose one of the scenes provided (scenes folder), load in your scenes the
  necessary G3F and apply to each of them the poses of scenes provided in the sub folder
  of the poses.
- I want to customize my scene, how to do it?
  Load the empty room, load a G3F place in zero pose in the center of the scene by default.
  Choose a furniture (furniture folder), select your G3F and apply the corresponding pose
  to the furniture (eg Cage3 = G3F pose cage3). Once done, select G3F in the hierarchy panel
  of your scene and drag it on the object to make G3F child of the object cage3 for example.
  In your scene, select the object and place it according to your convenience, G3F will follow the object.
  Procédez de la même façon pour d'autres éléments. 
  Do the same for other items. Be careful not to apply the poses of the subfolder "G3F Poses in scenes"
  Apply the poses that apply to the center of the scene (root of G3F poses folder).
  The lamp and the torches contain diffusion materials to project light, arrange them in your scene,
  in order to have an adequate ambient lighting. If your computer allows it, a preview in Iray mode
  lets you see the lighting in real time.
  In your subfolder "light and render" you have a rendering preset for Iray, and an ambient light
  that allows to give a general lighting, choose the intensity of the ambient light by applying
  the mat pose percentage of your choice. 
  As said above, when you are ready to render your scene, select the camera and apply
  the mat pose "headlamp off", the scene will be black preview (except with Iray preview off course).
  This is essential if you use the rendering preset provided, because it works only with the
  lighting of the scene and not with the sky dome. If you leave the headlamp active, you may have
  too much light, if you have the lamps and torches.
- Other tips: The lamp was designed with easy system poses to create sprawling movements.
  In the parameters panel, go to the "movements" tab. Item for Fucking machine movements
  to control easily the movements of dildo and up/down of cart. For the table, select the
  "table" part to bend. Open and close the door of cage 2, select the door part for that.
  The grilles of Wall02 and wall03 parts can be removed if you want (for example) to apply
  architectural elements to enlarge the room.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.9
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female (

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The Cellar In Basement

SKU: 58375
By: powerage

Complete and highly detailed cellar with G3F poses, props, light, Iray render preset.



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