Medieval Street: Maxglane
DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_1.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_2.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_3.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_4.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_5.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_6.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_7.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_8.jpg DubTH_Medieval_Street_Promo_9.jpg


A medieval street containing 11 buildings (8 unique), a wall and
a street prop.
Additionally 32 props (windows, doors, casks, and other
decoration objects) are included to make the scene look more natural.
Full list of additional props:
6x Fruit prop (2x apple, 2x pear, 2x tomato like fruit)
1x Bucket prop
1x Bundle prop
2x Crate props
1x Cask prop
2x Jar props
3x Vial props
2x Shop/Tavern signs
5x Door props
6x Window props
1x Shutter prop
1x Lantern prop
1x Stair prop
The lantern prop can be turned on for illuminating night scenes.
(Presets for night scenes are available)
12 of the camera presets used for the promo images are included.
Basic render settings included (however HDR skies are recommended).
Textures are 4096x4096 for buildings and 2048x2048 for props. 
Alternatively 2048x2048 textures for buildings and 1024x1024 
textures for props are available if low-resolution textures are 
Materials are optimized for Iray Render.
WARNING: The full scene is quite resource intensive. Please read the
"Limitations & Solutions" section of the README file in case of
The sky and figures on the promo images are not part of the product.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.9+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

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Medieval Street: Maxglane

SKU: 58132
By: DubTH

Medieval street scene with multiple buildings and decorative props.


20% off until 3/1/2018

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