The PenTentacle Expansion
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New Morphs are the Space Slug, comes with four presets. But, with additional morphs and shapes, they are just for starters. Lumpy skin, knuckle ridges, spikes, spread foot, curl foot, slug head or regular foreskin, fat, thin, the list goes on. Eleven Slug specific base shaders with options for colured frills, lips, penis heads.

The Nightcrawler, a slippery worm, with its own base shaders, and morph options.
The Phallic plant is a preset in the anime section along with two odd little plant presets. They too have their own shaders and morph settings, but morphs from the others can work too.

The Monster Maw is a selection of morphs based around a human mouth, with three different basic shapes and sizes, choice of lip colours, and a range of movements to tease and please. The Monster Maw Morphs will work on almost any other creation.

The Beads is just what it sounds like, and so is Head Cut Off - Head Grow Back. All these new morphs will mix and match with the original morphs to give them even more options.
There are now 32 base shaders and three sets of layered options. for the Monster Maw, Space Slug and different skin textures for that penis end. The Poser version has over 300 Material presets to fully exploit the new shader options. Daz version has too many options for me to count as you can layer on layer.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.9
PoserPoser 10

Required Products

The PenTentacle

The PenTentacle Expansion

SKU: 57168
By: Softlightart

New PenTentacle morphing shapes and presets including Space Slug, Nightcrawler, Beads and Phallic Plant. More Easy Pose presets to help get you started. Hundreds of new shader combinations available.



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