Patient 33
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Redrobot3D Presents
“Patient 33”

The Patient awakes alone in her cell. No memory of how or why she is there. Her head is foggy, a strange taste in her mouth, and an even weirder sensation between her legs. Who brought her here? What did they want? She doesn’t know. She just knows that something is terribly wrong.

Looking down, she is shocked to see that her pussy is now gone, replaced with a throbbing massive cock. It aches to be touch. She can’t fight the urges that it sends her. She resists, trying to find out what is happening to her, and remember what her name is.

A nurse enters the room. “Maybe she can help!” the Patient thinks. She begs the nurse to answer her, but gets no reply. The nurse brings her food and drink, checks her pulse, but seems totally unaware of the Patient and her questions. The nurse is aware however of that pulsing cock in front of her and takes it into her hand. The Patient can’t resist the nurse and gives in, allowing the strange woman to have her way with her.

Feeling the penis taking over, the Patient proceeds to fuck the living shit of the nurse, bringing her to climax over and over. But to what end? Will she find out what is really going on or how she got there? What else is happening here?

What’s included:
55 pages
1900x1500 dpi
PDF format



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Patient 33

SKU: 56037
By: Redrobot3D

A woman wakes up under mysterious circumstances with a new massive cock. Will she be able to find out the secret of being patient 33?


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