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At first glance the human body looks like a symmetrical structure, but when you look
into the details a lot of differences show up between the left and right halves.
The Genesis 3 Female and all other 3D models of a human body are perfectly symmetrical
structures. This package of morphs is designed to give a slight asymmetry to models
which are based on Genesis 3 Female.
The package contains 46 morphs  which control the most common asymmetries in the
human body. The package is not designed for sculpting, but for giving a final touch
to a finished model. The package also contains a morph called "Simple Genitalia" which
helps to give a more finished look to the character if you do not have any of the
Genitalia packages. This morph is not suitable for intimate renders.
This morph package dost not alter the position and form of the mouth and eyes. This will
be handled in the next morph package. The elbows and knees are not altered as well
because they are too important for the proper bending of the mesh.
The pose of the model from the promo images is the same as the default "T" pose. Only
the arms have been bended down. No other changes have been made. All of the asymmetries
shown on the promo images are done with this morph package. 
The package contains the following morphs:
01 Backbone S
02 Breast - Left  Side
03 Breast - Left Down
04 Breast - Left Nipple Big
05 Breast - Left Nipple Forward
06 Breast - Right  Side
07 Breast - Right Down
08 Breast - Right Nipple Big
09 Breast - Right Nipple Forward
10 Breastbone Left Right
11 Breeches Left Big
12 Breeches Right Big
13 Chest Left Big
14 Chest Right Big
15 Chin Left Right
16 Chin Rotated Y
17 Chin Rotated Z
18 Collarbone Rotated Y
19 Collarbone Rotated Z
20 Left Cheekbone Big
21 Left Ear Front Back
22 Left Ear Side
23 Left Ear Up Down
24 Left Eyebrow Side
25 Left Eyebrow Up
26 Left Shin Bend FB
27 Left Shin Bend
28 Lower Jaw Left Big
29 Lower Jaw Right Big
30 Navel Left Right
31 Navel Rotated Y
32 Navel Rotated Z
33 Nose Left Right
34 Nose Rotated X
35 Nose Rotated Y
36 Nose Rotated Z
37 Pelvis Left Big
38 Pelvis Right Big
39 Right Cheekbone Big
40 Right Ear Front Back
41 Right Ear Side
42 Right Ear Up Down
43 Right Eyebrow Side
44 Right Eyebrow Up
45 Right Shin Bend FB
46 Right Shin Bend
47 Simple Genitalia
Shape Presets:
01 00RESET
02 Dream
03 Freak
04 Girlfriend
05 Idealism
06 Miss Universe
07 Wife

Product Requirements and Compatibility:

Daz Studio 4.8+
Genesis 3 Female
Will Not work in Poser



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.8
Other Notes
(Does Not Work In Poser)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female (

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