Maid's Outfit for V4
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Inspired by drawings from the 1950's and more modern recreations, this Maid's Outfit will suit many purposes - Maid, Waitress, or Party Guest. Or even a cruel tyrant for your own Gwendoline.

Included items - Conforming Dress to fit V4
                          Conforming Apron to fit V4                
                          Conforming Cuffs to fit V4
                          Conforming Choker to fit V4
                          SmartProp Head Piece
                          MAT files for Poser & DazStudio
                          CR2 files for Poser and DazStudio
                          Pose files for V4 (to match the 'Sit' morphs)
Separate zips for Poser and DazStudio allow you to download either, or both.

For the long list of morphs, please see the promo pictures, or read the README file in the downloads tab.

Required Products
Poser 6 or higher
Daz Studio 4.5 or higher (not tested on earlier versions)
V4 (optionally - V4 ++ Morphs, V4 Elite Morphs, Aiko4, Stephanie4)



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.5
PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Aiko 4
  Stephanie 4
  Victoria 4

Product Requirements

V4 Elite
V4 Morphs ++

Maid's Outfit for V4

SKU: 49551
By: Succubusart

Maid's Outfit for V4/A4/S4/V4 Elite.



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