The Sorority Pt.2 - Pledge


The Sorority Part Two: Pledge is the second in an ongoing series set in a familiar but
sinfully twisted take on the secrets and mysteries of a Sorority House, Gamma Tau Upsilon.
"The Sorority" is a Bondage Fantasy written by Sarenaph to offer readers a rich and
complex erotic adventure intended for a mature audience. Part Two is presented for you
here is in a complete and unabridged 90 page High Definition Full Color PDF illustrated
by Midnite, a master of rendered erotica!

Midnite and Sarenaph showcase their amazing skills, and passion for quality in this
action packed comic full of desire, dominance and more!

Number of images: 90
Quality: 1920x1080
Format: PDF
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or simliar program to view comic



The Sorority Pt.2 - Pledge

SKU: 49407
By: Midnite

"The Sorority" penned by Sarenaph, opens in a small California college and centers around 4 main girls who pledge to join a particular Sorority.



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