Monster Sex Trilogy
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Three part monster sex trilogy with 3 different girls, three different monsters and 3 different settings. Each mini set has a 1 page text description to lay out the story for you, and then the girls get right to the action.

Part 1 has 21 high resolution 1920x1080 images with the slender perky titted Blood Elf Saelihn as the only survivor of a battle with large dark orc like creatures. The creatures take her back to a cell made especially for their female guests. This mini set has double penetration, blow jobs, DP, anal, several sex positions and a couple facial cum shots in a candle lit prison cell setting.

Part 2 has 31 high resolution 1920x1080 images of Red (red hair and large tits) and a well hung Lycan who ironically needs Reds help, before she helps him a deal is struck. This set has 7 comic text images with a bit of dialogue prior to the action starting. This mini set has blow job, deep throat, cum in mouth, anal, several sex positions and of course a facial ending.

Part 3 has 29 high resolution 1920x1080 images of a maiden, long platinum blond haired Nadia, taken by a large well-built winged monster to a mountain top castle, the monster is presumed a god by locals and the most beautiful girls are snatched up by this beast. This mini set has submissive, blow job, anal, several sex positions, cum on ass.

Number Of Images:82
Image Quality: high resolution
Image Size: 1920x1080
Image Format: PDF
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility
                     Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader

Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice



Monster Sex Trilogy

SKU: 48883
By: 3DZen

Three monster sex mini sets of 20-30 images each with 3 lovely girls getting ravaged



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