Jessica and Ellie: Demon Doll House
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Just when Jessica thought her life couldn’t get any worse – it does…
Jessica had hoped to spend a quiet weekend at her home alone trying to track down some lead on her demonic tormentor who calls himself Lord Dominus.
But Jessica discovered to her dismay that her not quite stepsister Ellie was also crashing at the house for the weekend.
Not only do the two girls not get along, but Ellie likes to provoke Jessica about her ridiculous Vampire fantasies claiming that it is nothing more than a case of sexual frustration.
Jessica tries to avoid Ellie, but just after sunset Ellie staggers in drunk and just a tad high spoiling  for a fight.
One thing leads to another and soon Jessica finds herself cornered by an inebriated Ellie who claims that she has the cure for Jessica’s problems. Suddenly the world turns upside down and the girls are snatched into Lord Dominus’ personal Demonic Play House.
Lord Dominus has some very special plans for Jessica and resents anyone touching his property and so he commands his minions to literally fuck the offending slut Ellie to death.
Which leaves Jessica with a choice – either allow the minions to screw Ellie to death or willing offer herself to Dominus in trade.
The set includes, Oral, Anal, Double Penetration, Tit fucking Cum shots galore, (both internal and glazing) POV, High Heels, light restraint done to some very submissive young ladies… All in a 80+, 1920 by 1080 PDF Format!
PDF includes both versions of with or without text and as an added bonus new detailed bios of the girls back stories.

Number of Images: 80 total
Quality: HD 1920x1080
Format: PDF
Use: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program that views PDF files.



Jessica and Ellie: Demon Doll House

SKU: 48553
By: 3DZen

Ellie refuses to believe Jessica’s stories about encounters with demons and vampires, she keeps telling her its virgin sexual frustration. Things take a bizarre turn with both girls entering the Demon's Doll House, as their sexual playthings.



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