Perils of Carey Issue #15


ISSUE 15 !! ..An old enemy returns
seeking revenge against Carey and her mother Laura ,
vowing to destroy the Carters once and for all .
Can these heroines survive the vicious and menacing perils
that await them !!

double feature comic
Number of Pages:73
Quality: high resolution pages
Format: PDF. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other program that can view PDF files.
Please Note - this comics contains alternate endings which
contain scenes of extreme
gore, nudity and violence.
these images in no way impact
the ongoing carey universe
or its characters.



Perils of Carey Issue #15

SKU: 48542
By: Studio_AD

Welcome to the Adventures of Carey Carter, Renown Magician and Escape Artist, the woman no bondage can hold, these are the tales of her Legendary Perilous Predicaments and Performances ....



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