Blowback PT6


In a small Caribbean island nation run by a corrupt dictator known as El Supremo, Sophia and her hacker friend Laura are trying to bring down the corrupt government by stealing their cash reserves using computers. All that comes to a screeching halt when El Supremo catches on to their plan using his spies, and corners Sophia in the Jungle.

The Cast includes:
Sophia, a sultry dark-haired 30s-somthing entrepenuer with a nasty attitude and a smokin hot body! Laura - recent computer science grad. Blonde and leggy, Laura is all innocent and demure - til El Supremo gets ahold of her. Prefessor Elaine Dodge... she runs the research team with a cold but firm hand. all while looking like she just stepped out of a fashion shoot for Vogue. Maddie - researcher 1, Black hair - "emo" makeup and clothes hide an amazing stripper's body...and she's rather uninhibited as well. Claire - researcher 2, a level-headed redhead with a "down to earth" attitude, she tries to keep the other two grounded, but to no avail. Claire is your basic goodlooking cheerleader next door type.

The nefarious Villians:
 El Supremo (They don't call him that for nothing) ...well-endowed dictatior with a nasty attitude. Borla: El Supremo'sright hand woman. She has an amazing body 2 thugs working for El Supremo: Salazar and Ricardo - also well-endowed. Last but not least - there is El Supremo's personal Amazon Guard- all women - all tough - all beautiful - all the time...

When completed this bondage comic will have been 2 years in the making and will probably end up being over 1000 pictures and animations.

Number of images: 112
Quality: 1440x900
Format: PDF
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or simliar program to view comic



Blowback PT6

SKU: 48463
By: Midnite

The Story penned by the Wolf, opens in a small Caribbean island nation run by a corrupt dictator known as El Supremo.


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