Henrika's M4 Fixes 1
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Are you tired of Michael 4's stretchy buttocks whenever he's in a seated position? Are you tired of his bulky upper thighs sinking into his torso when his legs are bent up? Do you sometimes wish he had a proper bulge instead of looking like a neutered eunuch?

These morphs might be what you need! Included in this pack are 5 fix morphs for M4's most common problem areas.

What is included:

- M4 Butt fix (eliminates those stretchy buttocks!)
- M4 Groin fix (this is a simple fix to "smooth out" the groin area when M4's legs are parted and raised)
- M4 Knees Bend Fix (for use when M4's knees are heavily bent)
- M4 Proper bulge (a morph to create a bulge. Meant for use with second skin underwear/pants or dynamic clothing)
- M4 Thighs fix (eliminates the bulging upper thighs which poke into M4's torso when his knees are drawn up)
- 3 poses for M4 in which the fixes are handy

The morphs should work in Poser versions 6 and up. Not tested in DS. Only M4 base is required for this product.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 6

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4

Henrika's M4 Fixes 1

SKU: SKU29912
By: Henrika

Tired of seeing all these wonderful fixes released for V4, while wondering why Michael never gets an upgrade? These morphs might be what you need! Included in this pack are 5 fix morphs for M4's most common lower body problem areas.



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