Crom13's Mepetec:The Unknown Species
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Crom131_Metepec Info: The 'Creature of Metepec Mexico' is a strange terrestrial mutant of evolution or alien being from another world or even aquatic it was found by a Mexican farmer in a trap in May 11, 2007 A.D.. The person who found it was a farmer of the Metepec region of Mexico, On finding the Creature the farmer stated that the Creature was still alive and very aggressive. A UFO-Journalist after negotiation with the farmer obtained the dead body of the Creature from the farmer and brought it back to the U.S. for testing It's unknown what it actually is. The Creature of Metepec body was placed tthrough large amounts of testing and D.N.A. evidence came back as inconclusive and that no known Creature on earth has the same genetic markers which make the metepec an entirely new species. If the Metepec is terrestrial or alien no one still to this date knows. The Metepec is a rather small Creature but the farmer that found the Creature stated that there was another one he had seen that was larger in size when he found the body of the first but that one ran away into the rain forest the one that was left behind was The creature was alive, It was shrieking and scared, The farmer and a ranch hand decided to kill and preserve it the morning of the third day, They dunked it in water for many hours, And it finally drowned. Its ability to survive so long underwater has made many feels it was amphibious. The Metepec is about the size of a small cat or large rabbit. It has smooth /coarse skin that is like scales of a reptile in texture but no visible scales on the skin, It's large head for its size has large eyes that are in position like that of a predator the two forward-facing eyes, giving it stereoscopic vision and likely indicating that it has predatory habits as well, The Creature known as the Metepec appears to be quadrupedal, with dexterous front human like hands and feet that do not have a primate look or feel at all to them. It's head resembles that of the well-known Grey aliens, possibly suggesting a connection. If it was indeed an alien, the Metepec Creature had similar respiratory needs to terrestrial life on Earth as it was able to survive breathing the planet's atmosphere but two small air holes just above the nose allowed for it to have a larger breathing capacity or could even suggest some truth in it's underwater breathing ability similar to Blowhole use in whales & dolphins. It is unknown what the creature would feed on, But like humans its teeth showed sign's of it being an omnivore.The Metepec has been liked with the legendary cryptid rumored to be the Chupacabra of new Mexico & Puerto Rico as well as the Florida Swamp ape some say its even a Gray alien Human Mutant hybrid in the end you decide. Crom131_Metepec design was made useing Z-brush 4.0 & C4D. custom shader Designed within Poser Pro and devolped in poser Pro advanced 2012,The Two Style textures And One Bonus texture were made in Adobe photoshop Cs5 Two Stye head Morphs for M4 to work with, Three size morphs And one main body morph. Important compatibility statement: M4 morphs++ not needed Poser 5 and Up to Poser Pro 2012 "IMPORTANT" *Note( Daz M4 Gens is not included within this product, Only The Crom131_Metepec for M4 Mat & fix Injections for Daz M4 Gen's support are. **This product is ment to be used with M4 Daz Base Figures . But can be used with any figure that has Mat taking compatibility Like DAZ 3D - ,Hiro 4, Freak 4 Base, and has size and proportion value similar to M4 with adjustments made in Parameters tab for figures . Files included in the Product: Crom131_Metepec.Files List: \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Metepec 00.Step One.png 00.Step One.pz2 01.Metepec Adult Scale.png 01.Metepec Adult Scale.pz2 1.Metepec Body Scale.png 1.Metepec Body Scale.pz2 2.Metepec Body Scale.png 2.Metepec Body Scale.pz2 3.Metepec Body INJ.png 3.Metepec Body INJ.pz2 4. Metepec Body REM.png 4. Metepec Body REM.pz2 A.Metepec Head INJ.png A.Metepec Head INJ.pz2 A.Metepec Head REM.png A.Metepec Head REM.pz2 B.Metepec Head REM.png B.Metepec Head REM.pz2 B.Metepec Head INJ.png B.Metepec Head INJ.pz2 C.Metepec Mat Bonus.png C.Metepec Mat Bonus.pz2 C.Metepec Mat One.png C.Metepec Mat One.pz2 C.Metepec Mat Two.png C.Metepec Mat Two.pz2 Claw Nails INJ.png Claw Nails INJ.pz2 Claw Nails REM.png Claw Nails REM.png Metepec Face Fix.png Metepec Face Fix.pz2 Metepec Teeth INJ.png Metepec Teeth INJ.pz2 Metepec Teeth REM.png Metepec Teeth REM.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Metepec\Gen Fix's A.Gen Tip.png A.Gen Tip.pz2 B.Gen Tip.png B.Gen Tip.pz2 Gen Fix.png Gen Fix.pz2 Gen Mat Bonus.png Gen Mat Bonus.pz2 Style One Gen.png Style One Gen.pz2 Style Two Gen.png Style Two Gen.pz2 \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_ Urstitions Generic_Image Map.jpg Flat _Ur.jpg Ur Set 4096X templates-Eyes.jpg Ur Set 4096X templates-Face.jpg Ur Set 4096X templates-Limbs.jpg Ur Set 4096X templates-Torso.jpg Ur_Gen Tran.jpg Ur_mouth.jpg Urb_Gen Tran.bmp Flat Ur_Gen map.jpg Urj_mouth.jpg

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Crom13's Mepetec:The Unknown Species

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The 'Creature of Metepec Mexico' is a strange terrestrial mutant of evolution or alien being from another world or even aquatic it was found by a Mexican farmer in a trap in May 11, 2007 A.D.. The person who found it was a farmer of the Metepec region of Mexico, On finding the Creature the far



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