Crom131's A.H.Toon Deluxe Pro
a_h__toon_for_m4_hop_sing_by_crom131-d5ca0tu-(1).jpg a_h__toon_for_m4_john_by_crom131-d5c9zda-(1).jpg a_h__toon_for_m4_trae_quan_by_crom131-d5caj5y-(1).jpg a_h_toon_for_v4_mary_jane_by_crom131-d5c5tl8-(1).jpg a_h_toon_for_v4_shanna_by_crom131-d5c5uf4-(1).jpg a_h_toons_for_v4_fanny_lee_by_crom131-d5c5u2m-(1).jpg Generic-Templates-shaders-(1).jpg Prop-Tooned-city-(1).jpg Show-the-pos-(1).jpg


Crom131_A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Deluxe Info: A.H.= Advanced.Human.Toons 116 procedural toon shaders that are included within this deluxe package as well as instruction PDF manual. Fifty eight (58) mat procedural shaders that I made two set kit's of one Detail yourself a graphic novel shader set, and Detail smooth a quaility toon shader set that makes one hundred and sixteen (116) procedural mat shaders in all, it takes Fifty nine (59) color textures to make up both set's so one can toon all else in a poser scene Props, clothes, figure's Etc. And the fun is in the experimentation of what can be achieved in your Toon Goal's Have you ever wanted to make the best toon's ever, did you ever draw your own comic or graphic novel to end up saying to yourself It could be better. Have you ever found that after making a kick ass poser CG image for an animation short or Comic project that you could see it as a true to life big budget Graphic novel or moive toon well you don't have to wait no more. Crom131_A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Deluxe is here, This kit has Fifty eight (58) mat procedural shaders that I made two set kit's of one Detail yourself a graphic novel shader set, and Detail smooth a quality toon shader set that makes one hundred and sixteen (116) procedural mat shaders in all, it takes Fifty nine (59) color textures to make up both set's so one can toon all else in a poser scene Props, clothes, figure's Etc. as a bonus you get from the A.H.Toon V4 & M4 Standalone Kit's Six custom Zbrush ethnic head morphs Three for V4 ,Three For M4, a total of 6 Characters, Asian ,Caucasian, and Nubian, ethnic mat injections. I have added six body morphs three for V4 Three for M4,six gen mats three for V4 three for M4 for use with Daz M4 Gens and Darkseal's Pleasure Box for V4, Daz M4 Gens and Darkseal's Pleasure Box for V4 is not included within this product,Only The A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Mat Injections for Gen's support are. Six Custom graphic novel body toon shaders mixed with photo real image mapping that have a style and feel that give a big budget look and feel to them that most large and well known CGI and comic studios use man power and well spent time to make. The three ethnic Asian, Caucasian,and Nubian shaders are of my own custom high quality design. The creation of this product after one year of research and study of Popular American and Japanese anime artists has brought this shader to life and has been developed to give an interpolated rotoscope toon shader look that has been used in big budget films that Matches the techniques of the masters. each of the ethnic head morph groups can be mixed with one of the three different body skins for a number of Possibilities... example: Nubian body with Asian skin shader you get a Hispanic figure. Included within this package is a easy to read PDF for the creation of your sexy V4 & M4 toon Images. Important compatibility statement: V4 & M4 morphs++ not needed Poser 5 and Up to Poser Pro 2010 Crom131_A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Deluxe PDF Instruction Manual included. you will need Adobe Reader 9 and up you can obtain it at: **This product is meant to be used with V4 & M4 Daz Base Figures . But can be used with any figure that has Mat taking compatibility Like DAZ 3D - Aiko 4 Base, Hiro 4, Freak 4 Base, and has size and proportion value similar to V4 & M4 with adjustments made in Parameters tab for figures or props. "Darkseal's Pleasure Box is not included within this product". Daz M4 Gens is not included within this product, Crom131_A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Deluxe product comes with gen support mats only for Darkseal's Pleasure Box And Daz M4 Gens **Important** "You Must own Darkseal's Pleasure Box And Daz M4 Gens For Gen Mat injections to work correctly . Files included in the Product: Crom131_A.H.Toon for V4 & M4 Deluxe.Files List: \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe Folder:1.Asian_Fanny _Lee Folder:2.Caucasian_Mary Jane Folder:3.Nubian_Shanna Folder:4.Asian_Hop_Sing Folder:5.Caucasian _John Folder:6.Nubian_Trae_ Quan \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\1.Asian_Fanny _Lee Asian_Fanny lee.png Asian_Fanny lee.pz2 Fanny Lee BODY INJ.png Fanny Lee BODY INJ.pz2 Fanny Lee BODY REM.png Fanny Lee BODY REM.pz2 Fanny Lee HEAD INJ.png Fanny Lee HEAD INJ.pz2 Fanny Lee HEAD REM.png Fanny Lee HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:V4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\1.Asian_Fanny _Lee\V4 Gen Poses PB FL_Gen Mat.png PB FL_Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\2.Caucasian_Mary Jane Caucasian_Mary Jane.png Caucasian_Mary Jane.pz2 Mary Jane Body INJ.png Mary Jane BODY INJ.pz2 Mary Jane BODY REM.png Mary Jane BODY REM.pz2 Mary Jane HEAD INJ.png Mary Jane HEAD INJ.pz2 Mary Jane HEAD REM.png Mary Jane HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:V4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\2.Caucasian_Mary Jane\V4 Gen Poses PB MJ_Gen Mat.png PB MJ_Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\3.Nubian_Shanna Nubian_Shanna.png Nubian_Shanna.pz2 Shanna Body INJ.png Shanna BODY INJ.pz2 Shanna BODY REM.png Shanna BODY REM.pz2 Shanna HEAD INJ.png Shanna HEAD INJ.pz2 Shanna HEAD REM.png Shanna HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:V4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\3.Nubian_Shanna\V4 Gen Poses PB S_Gen Mat.png PB S_Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_A.H.Toon Gen Folder:Asian_Fanny _Lee Folder:Caucasian_Mary Jane Folder:Nubian_Shanna \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_A.H.Toon Gen\Asian_Fanny _Lee FL Toon Internal.png FL Toon Internal.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_A.H.Toon Gen\Caucasian_Mary Jane MJ Toon Internal.png MJ Toon Internal.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_A.H.Toon Gen\Nubian_Shanna S_Toon Internal.png S_Toon Internal.pz2 \Runtime\Geometries\Crom131_A.H.Toon PB toon Internal.mtl PB toon Internal.obj \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon Folder:Artificial Human V4 \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human V4 Folder:Asian_Fanny _Lee Folder:Caucasian_Mary Jane Folder:Nubian_Shanna \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human V4\Asian_Fanny _Lee eyebrow.png F.EyesBump.jpg F_CorneaRef.jpg F_EyesTrans.jpg F_tear.jpg Fanny _Head.jpg Fanny_Eyes.jpg Fanny_Limbs.jpg Fanny_Mouth.jpg Fanny_Torso.jpg Fanny-Lash.jpg FHead.Bump.jpg FLimbs.Bump.jpg FTeeth.Bump.jpg FTorso.Bump.jpg Medium Skin Face.jpg medium skin nipple.jpg Medium Skin.jpg \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human V4\Caucasian_Mary Jane eyebrow.png Mary Jane.EyesBump.jpg Mary Jane_CorneaRef.jpg Mary Jane_EyesTrans.jpg J_tear.jpg Mary Jane _Head.jpg Mary Jane_Eyes.jpg Mary Jane_Limbs.jpg Mary Jane_Mouth.jpg Mary Jane_Torso.jpg Mary Jane-Lash.jpg Mary JaneHead.Bump.jpg Mary JaneLimbs.Bump.jpg Mary JaneTeeth.Bump.jpg Mary JaneTorso.Bump.jpg Light skin Face.jpg Light skin nipple .jpg Light skin.jpg \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human V4\Nubian_Shanna eyebrow.png Shanna.EyesBump.jpg S_CorneaRef.jpg Shanna_EyesTrans.jpg S_tear.jpg Shanna _Head.jpg Shanna_Eyes.jpg Shanna_Limbs.jpg Shanna_Mouth.jpg Shanna_Torso.jpg Shanna-Lash.jpg Shanna_Head.Bump.jpg Shanna_Limbs.Bump.jpg Shanna_Teeth.Bump.jpg Shanna_Torso.Bump.jpg Dark skin Face.jpg Dark skin nipple .jpg Dark skin.jpg Crom131_A.H. Toons for M4.Files List: \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe Folder:4.Asian_Hop_Sing Folder:5.Caucasian _John Folder:6.Nubian_Trae_ Quan \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\4.Asian_Hop_Sing Asian_Hop_ Sing .png Asian_Hop_ Sing .pz2 Hop Sing BODY INJ.png Hop_ Sing BODY INJ.pz2 Hop_ Sing BODY REM.png Hop_ Sing BODY REM.pz2 Hop_ Sing HEAD INJ.png Hop_ Sing HEAD INJ.pz2 Hop_ Sing HEAD REM.png Hop_ Sing HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:M4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\4.Asian_Hop_Sing\M4 Gen Poses Hop_Sing Gen Mat.png Hop_Sing Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\5.Caucasian _John Caucasian_John.png Caucasian_John.pz2 John Body INJ.png John BODY INJ.pz2 John BODY REM.png John BODY REM.pz2 John HEAD INJ.png John HEAD INJ.pz2 John HEAD REM.png John HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:M4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\5.Caucasian _John\M4 Gen Poses John Gen Mat.png John Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\6.Nubian_Trae_ Quan Nubian_Trae quan.png Nubian_Trae quan.pz2 Trae quan Body INJ.png Trae quan BODY INJ.pz2 Trae quan BODY REM.png Trae quan BODY REM.pz2 Trae quan HEAD INJ.png Trae quan HEAD INJ.pz2 Trae quan HEAD REM.png Trae quan HEAD REM.pz2 Folder:M4 Gen Poses \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_A.H.Toon_Deluxe\6.Nubian_Trae_ Quan\M4 Gen Poses Trae_Quan Gen Mat.png Trae_Quan Gen Mat.pz2 \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon Folder:Artificial Human M4 \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human M4 Folder:Asian_Hop sing Folder:Caucasian_John Folder:Nubian_Trae quan \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human M4\Asian_Hop sing B Bump.jpg Brow invert all.png Eyes Brown_M4.jpg Eyes Brown_M4Bump.jpg Eyes Green_M4.jpg Hop sing _Gen Tran.jpg Hop sing _Mouth.jpg Hop sing _Mouth_Bump.jpg Hop sing_CorneaRef.jpg Hop sing_Head.jpg Hop sing_Head_Bump.jpgg Hop sing_Limbs.jpg Hop sing_Limbs_Bump.jpg Hop sing_Torso.jpg Hop sing_Torso_Bump.jpg HS_tear.jpg M4 _Lash.jpg m4 Face_Medium Skin.jpg medium skin nipple.jpg Medium Skin.jpg \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human M4\Caucasian_John B Bump.jpg Brow invert all.png Eyes Brown_M4.jpg Eyes Brown_M4Bump.jpg Eyes Green_M4.jpg John _Gen Tran.jpg John _Mouth.jpg John _Mouth_Bump.jpg John_CorneaRef.jpg John_Head.jpg John_Head_Bump.jpgg John_Limbs.jpg John_Limbs_Bump.jpg John_Torso.jpg John_Torso_Bump.jpg J_tear.jpg M4 _Lash.jpg m4 face_Light skin.jpg M4 Light skin.jpg Light skin.jpg \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Artificial Human M4\Nubian_Trae quan B Bump.jpg Brow invert all.png Eyes Brown_M4.jpg Eyes Brown_M4Bump.jpg Eyes Green_M4.jpg Trae quan _Gen Tran.jpg Trae quan _Mouth.jpg Trae quan _Mouth_Bump.jpg Trae quan_CorneaRef.jpg Trae quan_Head.jpg Trae quan_Head_Bump.jpgg Trae quan_Limbs.jpg Trae quan_Limbs_Bump.jpg Trae quan_Torso.jpg Trae quan_Torso_Bump.jpg tq_tear.jpg M4 _Lash.jpg m4 Face_Dark skin.jpg Dark skin.jpg Dark skin nipple .jpg \Runtime\Libraries\Materials\Crom131_A.H.Toon Detail\A.A.H.Detail Yourself A_Toon Black 00.mt5 A_Toon Black 00.png A_Toon White 01.mt5 A_Toon White 01.png A_Toon_Blue_01.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_01.png A_Toon_Blue_02.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_02.png A_Toon_Blue_03.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_03.png A_Toon_Blue_04.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_04.png A_Toon_Blue_05.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_05.png A_Toon_Blue_06.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_06.png A_Toon_Blue_07.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_07.png A_Toon_Blue_08.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_08.png A_Toon_Blue_09.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_09.png A_Toon_Blue_10.mt5 A_Toon_Blue_10.png B_Toon_Brown_01.mt5 B_Toon_Brown_01.png B_Toon_Brown_02.mt5 B_Toon_Brown_02.png B_Toon_Brown_03.mt5 B_Toon_Brown_03.png B_Toon_Brown_04.mt5 B_Toon_Brown_04.png B_Toon_Brown_05.mt5 B_Toon_Brown_05.png C_Toon_Gray_01.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_01.png C_Toon_Gray_02.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_02.png C_Toon_Gray_03.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_03.png C_Toon_Gray_04.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_04.png C_Toon_Gray_05.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_05.png C_Toon_Gray_06.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_06.png C_Toon_Gray_07.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_07.png C_Toon_Gray_08.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_08.png C_Toon_Gray_09.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_09.png C_Toon_Gray_10.mt5 C_Toon_Gray_10.png D_Toon_Green_01.mt5 D_Toon_Green_01.png D_Toon_Green_02.mt5 D_Toon_Green_02.png D_Toon_Green_03.mt5 D_Toon_Green_03.png D_Toon_Green_04.mt5 D_Toon_Green_04.png D_Toon_Green_05.mt5 D_Toon_Green_05.png D_Toon_Green_06.mt5 D_Toon_Green_06.png D_Toon_Green_07.mt5 D_Toon_Green_07.png E_Toon_Orange_01.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_01.png E_Toon_Orange_02.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_02.png E_Toon_Orange_03.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_03.png E_Toon_Orange_04.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_04.png E_Toon_Orange_05.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_05.png E_Toon_Orange_06.mt5 E_Toon_Orange_06.png F_Toon_Pink_01.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_01.png F_Toon_Pink_02.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_02.png F_Toon_Pink_03.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_03.png F_Toon_Pink_04.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_04.png F_Toon_Pink_05.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_05.png F_Toon_Pink_06.mt5 F_Toon_Pink_06.png G_Toon_Red_01.mt5 G_Toon_Red_01.png G_Toon_Red_02.mt5 G_Toon_Red_02.png G_Toon_Red_03.mt5 G_Toon_Red_03.png G_Toon_Red_04.mt5 G_Toon_Red_04.png G_Toon_Red_05.mt5 G_Toon_Red_05.png H_Toon_Violet_01.mt5 H_Toon_Violet_01.png H_Toon_Violet_02.mt5 H_Toon_Violet_02.png H_Toon_Violet_03.mt5 H_Toon_Violet_03.png I_Toon_Yellow_01.mt5 I_Toon_Yellow_01.png I_Toon_Yellow_02.mt5 I_Toon_Yellow_02.png I_Toon_Yellow_03.mt5 I_Toon_Yellow_03.png I_Toon_Yellow_04.mt5 \Runtime\Libraries\Materials\Crom131_A.H.Toon Detail\B.A.H. Detail Smooth J_Toon Black 00.mt5 J_Toon Black 00.png J_Toon White 01.mt5 J_Toon White 01.png K_Toon_Blue_01.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_01.png K_Toon_Blue_02.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_02.png K_Toon_Blue_03.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_03.png K_Toon_Blue_04.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_04.png K_Toon_Blue_05.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_05.png K_Toon_Blue_06.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_06.png K_Toon_Blue_07.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_07.png K_Toon_Blue_08.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_08.png K_Toon_Blue_09.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_09.png K_Toon_Blue_10.mt5 K_Toon_Blue_10.png L_Toon_Brown_01.mt5 L_Toon_Brown_01.png L_Toon_Brown_02.mt5 L_Toon_Brown_02.png L_Toon_Brown_03.mt5 L_Toon_Brown_03.png L_Toon_Brown_04.mt5 L_Toon_Brown_04.png L_Toon_Brown_05.mt5 L_Toon_Brown_05.png M_Toon_Gray_01.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_01.png M_Toon_Gray_02.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_02.png M_Toon_Gray_03.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_03.png M_Toon_Gray_04.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_04.png M_Toon_Gray_05.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_05.png M_Toon_Gray_06.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_06.png M_Toon_Gray_07.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_07.png M_Toon_Gray_08.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_08.png M_Toon_Gray_09.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_09.png M_Toon_Gray_10.mt5 M_Toon_Gray_10.png N_Toon_Green_01.mt5 N_Toon_Green_01.png N_Toon_Green_02.mt5 N_Toon_Green_02.png N_Toon_Green_03.mt5 N_Toon_Green_03.png N_Toon_Green_04.mt5 N_Toon_Green_04.png N_Toon_Green_05.mt5 N_Toon_Green_05.png N_Toon_Green_06.mt5 N_Toon_Green_06.png N_Toon_Green_07.mt5 N_Toon_Green_07.png O_Toon_Orange_01.mt5 O_Toon_Orange_01.png O_Toon_Orange_02.mt5 O_Toon_Orange_02.png O_Toon_Orange_03.mt5 O_Toon_Orange_03.png O_Toon_Orange_04.mt5 O_Toon_Orange_04.png O_Toon_Orange_05.mt5 O_Toon_Orange_05.png P_Toon_Orange_06.mt5 P_Toon_Orange_06.png P_Toon_Pink_01.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_01.png P_Toon_Pink_02.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_02.png P_Toon_Pink_03.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_03.png P_Toon_Pink_04.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_04.png P_Toon_Pink_05.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_05.png P_Toon_Pink_06.mt5 P_Toon_Pink_06.png Q_Toon_Red_01.mt5 Q_Toon_Red_01.png Q_Toon_Red_02.mt5 Q_Toon_Red_02.png Q_Toon_Red_03.mt5 Q_Toon_Red_03.png Q_Toon_Red_04.mt5 Q_Toon_Red_04.png Q_Toon_Red_05.mt5 Q_Toon_Red_05.png R_Toon_Violet_01.mt5 R_Toon_Violet_01.png R_Toon_Violet_02.mt5 R_Toon_Violet_02.png R_Toon_Violet_03.mt5 R_Toon_Violet_03.png S_Toon_Yellow_01.mt5 S_Toon_Yellow_01.png S_Toon_Yellow_02.mt5 S_Toon_Yellow_02.png S_Toon_Yellow_03.mt5 S_Toon_Yellow_03.png S_Toon_Yellow_04.mt5 \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Toon Colors B Bump.jpg Toon_White.png Toon_Black.png Toon_Blue_01.png Toon_Blue_02.png Toon_Blue_03.png Toon_Blue_04.png Toon_Blue_05.png Toon_Blue_06.png Toon_Blue_07.png Toon_Blue_08.png Toon_Blue_09.png Toon_Blue_10.png Toon_Brown_01.png Toon_Brown_02.png Toon_Brown_03.png Toon_Brown_04.png Toon_Brown_05.png Toon_Gray_01.png Toon_Gray_02.png Toon_Gray_03.png Toon_Gray_04.png Toon_Gray_05.png Toon_Gray_06.png Toon_Gray_07.png Toon_Gray_08.png Toon_Gray_08.png Toon_Gray_10.png Toon_Green_01.png Toon_Green_02.png Toon_Green_03.png Toon_Green_04.png Toon_Green_05.png Toon_Green_06.png Toon_Green_07.png Toon_Orange_01.png Toon_Orange_02.png Toon_Orange_03.png Toon_Orange_04.png Toon_Orange_05.png Toon_Orange_06.png Toon_Pink_01.png Toon_Pink_02.png Toon_Pink_03.png Toon_Pink_04.png Toon_Pink_05.png Toon_Pink_06.png Toon_Red_01.png Toon_Red_02.png Toon_Red_03.png Toon_Red_04.png Toon_Red_05.png Toon_Violet_01.png Toon_Violet_02.png Toon_Violet_03.png Toon_Yellow_01.png Toon_Yellow_02.png Toon_Yellow_03.png Toon_Yellow_04.png \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_A.H.Toon\Generic Templates Generic_Image Map.jpg Unzip > point to your poser program runtime folder.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Crom131's A.H.Toon Deluxe Pro

SKU: SKU30405
By: Crom131

Crom131_A.H. Toons for V4 & M4 Deluxe Info: A.H.= Advanced.Human. Toons 116 bonus procedural toon shaders that are included within this deluxe package as well as instruction PDF manual. Fifty eight (58) mat procedural shaders that I made two set kit's of one Detail yourself a graph



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