Crom131's  Stasis Reconditioning Kit
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Mind Control Kit Stasis ( /'ste?s?s/), or hyperphysical Dissociation, is a science fiction concept akin to suspended animation. Whereas suspended animation usually refers to a greatly reduced state of life processes, stasis implies a complete cessation of these processes, which can be easily restarted or restart spontaneously when stasis is removed. Depending on the work of fiction in which it is depicted, A stasis field is a region where a stasis process is in effect. Stasis fields in fictional settings often have several common characteristics. These include infinite or near-infinite rigidity, making them "unbreakable objects", and a perfect or nearly-perfect reflective surface. Most science fiction plots rely on a physical device to establish this region. When the device is deactivated, the stasis field collapses; that is, the stasis effect ends. Time is often suspended in stasis fields. Such fields will thus have the additional property of protecting non-living materials from deterioration. This time dilation can be, from an in-universe perspective, absolute, so that something thrown into the field, has the field triggered, and after any length of time reactivated, would fly out as if nothing had happened. Storylines using such fields often have materials as well as living beings surviving thousands or millions of years beyond their normal lifetimes. Now in combination with reconditioning in a anti-gravitational Stasis field, and the subject or subjects bathed in filtered cosmic beam radiation or other kinds radiations can create errors in DNA replication, and in combination with certain chemicals and sub-sonic sound waves can indeed produce mutations, and mutations in reproductive cells can be passed on to future generations mutations.
A Grand Thanks
aside from the poses I added to this product, I would like to give a Grand thanks to Renderotica pose Content creator SledgeHammer who donated and made custom made sex poses For Stasis as a added bonus that were allowed to be used within this product, for other of his grand pose products go to this Link { } SledgeHammer as well has made an entire pose kit just for this product that has more poses to go with this kit. **Important** About poses For poses to work clean you must have Figure IK set to on. ******************************************************************************************************************************
Files included in the Product: Crom131's Stasis Reconditioning Kit.Files List: \Runtime\Libraries\Character\Crom131_Stasis A. Info.cr2 A. Info.png B.Info.cr2 B.Info.png Metal Appendage.cr2 Metal Appendage.png \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Stasis M M4 Stasis Relax.png M4 Stasis Relax.pz2 Suspended A.png Suspended A.pz2 Suspended B.png Suspended B.pz2 V4 Stasis Relax..png V4 Stasis Relax..pz2 V4 Suspended A.png V4 Suspended A.pz2 V4 Suspended B.png V4 Suspended B.pz2 Stasis Sex Poses: Folder \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Stasis M\Stasis Sex Poses !STS_FLOOR.png !STS_FLOOR.pz2 !STS_TANK.png !STS_TANK.pz2 000STS_All.png 000STS_All.pz2 090STS_All.png 090STS_All.pz2 180STS_All.png 180STS_All.pz2 270STS_All.png 270STS_All.pz2 STS01_GEN.png STS01_GEN.pz2 STS01_M4.png STS01_M4.pz2 STS01_V4.png STS01_V4.pz2 STS02_GEN.png STS02_GEN.pz2 STS02_M4.png STS02_M4.pz2 STS02_V4.png STS02_V4.pz2 STS03_GEN.png STS03_GEN.pz2 STS03_M4.png STS03_M4.pz2 STS03_V4.png STS03_V4.pz2 STS04_GEN.png STS04_GEN.pz2 STS04_M4.png STS04_M4.pz2 STS04_V4.png STS04_V4.pz2 STS05_GEN.png STS05_GEN.pz2 STS05_M4.png STS05_M4.pz2 STS05_V4.png STS05_V4.pz2 STS06_GEN.png STS06_GEN.pz2 STS06_M4.png STS06_M4.pz2 STS06_V4.png STS06_V4.pz2 STS07_GEN.png STS07_GEN.pz2 STS07_M4.png STS07_M4.pz2 STS07_V4.png STS07_V4.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_Stasis Mind Control A.Info.png A.Info.pp2 B.Info.png B.Info.pp2 C.Info.png C.Info.pp2 Cosmic Beam.png Cosmic Beam.pp2 Large Stasis Full.pmd Large Stasis Full.png Large Stasis Full.pp2 Small Stasis Full.pmd Small Stasis Full.png Small Stasis Full.pp2 Stasis Implants: Folder \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_Stasis Mind Control\Stasis Implants A.Info.png A.Info.pp2 B.Info.png B.Info.pp2 C.Info.png C.Info.pp2 Chest Dermal Implant.png Chest Dermal Implant.pp2 Neck Dermal Implant.png Neck Dermal Implant.pp2 Stasis Tank Lower.pmd \Runtime\Geometries\Crom131_Gray 2.0 Extra Content Containment Shield.obj Cosmic Beam.mtl Cosmic Beam.obj Dermal Implant.mtl Dermal Implant.obj Metal Appendage.obj Mind Rod device.mtl Mind Rod Dock.obj Stasis Love Base.mtl Stasis Love Base.obj Stasis tank A Part.obj Stasis tank B Part.obj tube.obj \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_Stasis Brushed Metal.jpg Reflcrom.jpg Cosmic Beam.jpg Fog Overlay.png PlateCrom bmp.jpg PlateCrom white bmp.jpg PlateCrom1 white.jpg PlateCrom1.jpg PlateCrom2 white.jpg PlateCrom2.jpg scifi_nocolor.jpg Important compatibility statement: Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012 This product is meant to be used with V4 Base Figure & M4 base figure But can be used with any figure that has size and proportion value similar to Daz male or Female Figures, any larger figure used the entire stasis containment tank must be re-sized, to do so just select "Stasis tank Lower" and rescale. all parts are parented to Stasis tank Lower.



Crom131's Stasis Reconditioning Kit

SKU: SKU30107
By: Crom131

Crom131 Present's Stasis Mind Control Kit



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