Davo's Quonset Hut "Core Pack"
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-Platform: PC or Mac
-Software: Poser 5+ (not tested or supported for DazStudio, but should work in DS with texture and repositioning adjustments)

Core Pack elements:
The Hut:
-Quonset Hut building: In shadow and non-shadow casting versions. Pre-parented with ceiling lamps and ventilation shafts.
-Air Conditioning Unit: can be applied to any wall.
-Add-on Ceiling Lamps and Vents: Can be added to any ceiling in any package. Posable/adjustable.
-Interior Wall: Can act as an interior dividing wall, has posable door and light switches.
-Shelf: Large and small storage shelves.
-Wall Segments: Extra floor segment with right and left wall. One version with windows, one without.

-Concrete Pit: with posable grate door and adjustable water level. Can be laid flat on floor or vertical to act as a holding cell.  Pose files included.
-Foam Box: Wooden box with posable sides. Inside there are several foam slabs with a cut-out profile of V4 in a bent position.  Foam slabs can be moved around, box can be posed.  Pose file for V4 included.
-Hand Truck: Simple hand truck with turning wheels.
-Hose Bib: Hose bib with spigot and easypose hose.
-Propane Tank: Large propane tank with easypose hose and turning handle.
-Propane Heater: Heater with ambient lit heating elements.
-Push Cart: Large 4 wheel cart with 4 posable eye hooks to hold your character. Pose files included.
-Trolley: Overhead hoist trolley, posable chain. Can be height and length adjusted.
-Detailed Readme file
-Trolley Controller: Add-on controller for the trolley. Has easypose cord. Can be parented to the trolley.
Props: Smart prop wrist, ankle and neck cuffs come with all packages.
-Detailed Readme File



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5+
Other Notes
Daz Studio(Should work with adjustments)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Davo's Quonset Hut "Core Pack"

SKU: SKU29456
By: Davo

The Quonset Hut is a perfect little hiding place to do your dirty deeds in secret.  Based on authentic Quonset Hut design


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