Darkseal's Fudge
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Have NO Fear! Fudge is Here!!

Want the Ultimate in Humiliation? Want to go to the Church of Fudge? Curious about 2 Girls 1 Cup? Well be curious no more! It doesn't matter if you're wanting to torture your girls and guys, or if you just love to go to brown town downtown... FUDGE is for YOU!!

This is the SHIT!

List of Morphs

Back Curve Down
Back Curve Left
Back Curve Right
Back Curve Up
Classic Swirl
Front Curve Down
Front Curve Left
Front Curve Right
Front Curve Up
Middle Bend Up
S Curve
Squash Back
Squash Front
Taper Back X
Taper Back Y
Taper Front X
Taper Front Y



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6

Darkseal's Fudge

SKU: SKU29740
By: Darkseal

Have NO Fear! Fudge is Here!!



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